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Instrat is a unique fusion of an academic institute and a non governmental organisation.

As they say on their website: "Instrat’s aim is to analyze the current state of socio-economic mechanisms or structures as well as developing new, innovative strategies challenging the main global issues by implementing our evolving goals."

We provided them with a new visual identification and a new website to help bring their vision and values to life. Our goal was to create a professional, clean design which will work well with Instrat’s target audience.

As the representatives of the foundation said - the visual identification our team created, has given them new motivation and they now feel proud of their online presence.

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SEO MeetUp is a new series of events organized by SurferSEO. We partnered with the Surfer team to help them with their initiative.

We created a landing page for each of their events and created animations and illustrations to go with it. Our INVO team took care of the branding as well.

The concept was to make each landing page represent the city where the event is held. We are currently working on more cool stuff with the Surfer team to help them grow their events and online presence.

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We build a complex website for Apteka z Uśmiechem.

The website provides users with a great experience - they can easily find the nearest pharmacy wherever they are. They are also shown other nearby pharmacies.

Besides of increasing client engagement, the website was build using a carefully thought out structure to enable SEO for each pharmacy in a specific region

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Lead Genomics is a digital marketing agency working with clients from all around the world.

Our team designed and developed a website for them. The main goal was to make the website attract clients and represent the services Lea Genomics offers properly.

The INVO team took care of branding as well. We designed a logo and made custom isometric graphics for the website. This combined with thoughtful UX is now a marketing solution for Lead Genomics.

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ReadyApp is a smart application created for ordering food. It enables the client to order in advance and pick up the order at the time of their choice.

The whole system consists of two mobile apps. One for the user and one for the restaurant. Both built with hybrid technology for iOS and Android.

We ran User Experience and usability tests and used the collected data to improve the interface of the application to ensure it is perfect in terms of performance.

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Play4Real is a platform that connects you with other gamers and enables you to compete for prizes and money.

In just 6 months we managed to create a complex platform that works on every device providing great user experience. We also made sure that the platform is designed beautifully.

We created a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android as well as a desktop application for Windows and MacOS all with the most innovative technologies. Also, the platform can be accessed through a browser of the user’s choice.

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The Pegas Group is a company with a long-standing tradition on the fuel market. They are specialists in the field of technologies using LPG and LNG gases and gas installations set up.

We provided them with a complex website which includes their full offer. We also implemented complex graphs for their clients to help them visualize when their investment will become profitable.

Additionally, we included basic SEO tools, to help the Pegas Group with their position in SERP.

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