I Love Juice / From Boutique to Boom. The Digital Evolution of Premium catering

Introduction: The Genesis of a Culinary Revolution

“I Love Juice” has carved a niche in the premium catering sector with its anti-inflammatory-focused, nutritious meals, curated by culinary experts. This brand stands out for its dedication to health and flavor.

Ewelina, the brand founder, approached us with a critical question: How could she scale her business without compromising on quality? After a series of workshops, we identified the challenges and opportunities in the current market landscape for “I Love Juice.


Client’s business objectives

Market Positioning

Aim to grow "I Love Juice" into a scalable model without losing its premium quality.  

Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhance the digital interface to make meal exploration and ordering smooth and engaging.

The Challenge: Scaling the Unscalable

Ewelina, the visionary behind “I Love Juice,” was faced with a pivotal question: How to expand her boutique business without compromising the quality that was its hallmark? Through comprehensive workshops, we dissected the market landscape, pinpointing the unique challenges and opportunities for scaling “I Love Juice.”

Objectives: The Roadmap to Success

Our goal was to enable scalable growth while preserving high-quality standards, robust margins, and superior customer service. Key strategies included rebranding to resonate with the health-conscious, premium market segment, and developing a suite of web and mobile products to drive business expansion.

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The Solution: A Symphony of Strategy and Technology

The transformation journey kicked off with a business workshop to align with Ewelina’s vision. This led to a meticulously planned product strategy, starting with a brand makeover, introduction of new offerings, and web redesign, culminating in the development phase where each feature was thoroughly vetted for perfection.

Technology Stack

The challenge of selecting the right technology was met by sticking with WordPress for its familiarity to the client, enhanced with Vue.js for the frontend, integrated via API, ensuring a seamless, robust digital infrastructure.


Challenges & Triumphs: The Peaks and Valleys

The journey of transforming “I Love Juice” was marked by several technical challenges that tested our resolve and ingenuity.

Responsiveness: Our first major hurdle was ensuring that the “I Love Juice” website delivered a flawless user experience across a myriad of devices. This required meticulous design and coding to ensure adaptability to various screen sizes and resolutions, maintaining the brand’s aesthetic and functional integrity on smartphones, tablets, and desktops alike.

Lightning Speed: In the digital age, speed is of the essence. We were tasked with significantly optimizing the website’s load times to offer users an ultra-fast browsing experience. This involved compressing images, minifying CSS and JavaScript files, and leveraging browser caching, all aimed at reducing the website’s load time to mere seconds, even on slower connections.

Enqueuing Scripts and Styles: To maintain a sleek, efficient website, we meticulously managed the enqueuing of scripts and styles. This ensured that only necessary resources were loaded on each page, preventing any conflicts or performance issues that could detract from the user experience.

Plugin Conflicts: The WordPress platform is known for its extensive plugin ecosystem, which, while beneficial, can sometimes lead to compatibility issues. We navigated this landscape by carefully selecting and testing plugins, ensuring they worked harmoniously together and with the website’s core functionality.

Database Queries: The backbone of any dynamic website is its database. We optimized database queries to enhance performance, ensuring that data retrieval was both swift and efficient. This optimization was crucial for features like menu browsing, order placements, and customer reviews, which relied on real-time data access.

Backup and Recovery: Recognizing the unique configurations of “I Love Juice’s” WordPress setup, we developed custom backup and recovery solutions. This bespoke approach ensured that in the event of a mishap, the website could be swiftly restored to its full functionality without significant loss of data or downtime.

Overcoming these technical hurdles was instrumental in the successful digital transformation of “I Love Juice.” Each challenge was met with innovative solutions that not only enhanced the website’s performance but also ensured a robust, scalable platform for the brand’s future growth.


Conclusion: Crafting a Legacy

Long-Term Impact: This project has not only reinforced “I Love Juice” as a frontrunner in premium catering but also set a solid foundation for scalable growth. The rebranding and digital enhancements have significantly improved customer interaction and operational efficiency, overcoming strategic and technical challenges to ensure “I Love Juice” continues to thrive in the competitive premium catering landscape.


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