Team Zuzzankov / Revolutionizing Diet and Fitness Tracking with Mobile App

Empowering Women in Sports and Diet

Team Zuzannkov (TZ) is an innovative community-based platform dedicated to empowering women in sports, training, and diet. Their primary focus lies in 1:1 coaching, utilizing an in-app chat feature for daily interactions with trainers and dieticians.


Client’s business objectives

Understanding Healthy Diet Journeys

Analyze user journey to comprehend the development of healthy diet habits.

Fun in Recipe Innovation

Make the process of creating recipes engaging and enjoyable.

Efficient Product Scanning

Streamline the scanning process of products for enhanced user experience.

Gamified User Onboarding

Develop an onboarding process that incorporates user profiling and gamification elements.

The Challenge:

TZ sought to expand their services by developing a mobile app focused on the diet aspect of their offering. The goal was to create a free, user-friendly tool allowing a wide audience to track meals, products, and create recipes. A critical feature was the integration of a comprehensive database for quick QR code scanning, enabling instant access to product macros.

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Our Approach

Strategy and Technology Solutions

Our strategy began with a detailed analysis of the user journey, understanding their motivations and pain points. This was followed by benchmarking and identifying the best market solutions. Key growth features were highlighted for implementation. The project then progressed to the UX design phase, focusing on hundreds of screens and a modular design to expedite future development. This phase concluded with comprehensive design documentation for the development team.

Solutions and Overcoming Challenges

Our in-depth market knowledge and insights from TZ advisors were pivotal in understanding customer personas and market demands. The experienced UX team, with a background in fitness app development, crafted a solution that met all requirements within a tight timeframe.

Results: Measuring Success

The app underwent a rigorous validation phase with TZ clients, receiving exceptionally high ratings. It successfully addressed the initial challenges, providing an engaging, efficient, and user-friendly diet tracking experience.


The Bigger Picture

This project not only met but exceeded TZ’s expectations, enhancing their service offerings and solidifying their position in the market.


Long-Term Impact: Setting New Standards in Diet and Fitness Apps

The app’s success has set a new standard in the diet and fitness app market, demonstrating our ability to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions that resonate with users and drive engagement. This project showcases our software house’s expertise in understanding client needs, market trends, and delivering exceptional results.


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