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Maczfit’s Market Leadership

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As the largest catering company in Poland, Maczfit has revolutionized the dietary catering industry. With a staggering revenue of over 300 million PLN and the preparation of hundreds of thousands of meals daily, Maczfit stands at the forefront of transforming how people approach healthy eating in Poland. The company is renowned for its innovative and fully personalized food box delivery service. Catering to a diverse range of dietary preferences, Maczfit delivers nutritionally-balanced, custom-tailored meals, redefining the standards of the food industry and making a significant impact on the lifestyle choices of its customers.


Client’s business objectives

Streamlined ordering process

We optimized Maczfit's ordering process for speed and simplicity, significantly enhancing efficiency and reducing user effort.

Enhanced User Experience

Our focus on user experience led to a more intuitive and enjoyable interface, improving overall customer satisfaction.

Seamless Backend Integration

The e-commerce solution was seamlessly integrated with Maczfit's existing backend system, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Scalable Technology

We employed Vue 3 for a flexible, scalable frontend, ready for future enhancements and market shifts.

Enhanced Conversion and AOV

Our strategic improvements significantly boosted conversion rates and Average Order Value.

Client’s Needs and Business Goals

The challenge was formidable: Maczfit needed a completely new e-commerce solution for diet ordering. The existing system was riddled with problems that hampered user experience and efficiency. Users frequently had to revisit the configuration process, indicative of a lack of clarity and confidence in their product choices. This issue was compounded by a chaotic and overwhelming ordering process, with users navigating through a multitude of fields and options in an unstructured manner. The frustration was further heightened by a post-submission error notification system, leading to high rates of rage clicks due to the difficulty in identifying and correcting errors.

The business goals were clear and ambitious. We aimed to transform the ordering process to be faster, more intuitive, and less cognitively demanding. The objective was not just to improve user experience but to significantly increase the conversion rate. To achieve this, it was essential to leverage the latest frontend technologies, ensuring that the new e-commerce solution was not only effective in the short term but also scalable and adaptable for future enhancements and A/B testing.

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The project presented several technical challenges. The new system had to be seamlessly compatible with Maczfit’s existing backend system, requiring minimal modifications. Moreover, it was imperative that the solution fit within the current frontend technology stack. To ensure scalability and adaptability, we decided to rebuild the entire process using Vue 3, a modern and flexible JavaScript framework.

Strategic Approach

Our approach was data-driven and user-centric. We began by conducting an in-depth analysis of thousands of user sessions. This analysis was pivotal in forming accurate hypotheses about user behavior and preferences. In designing the e-commerce solution, our focus was on striking a balance between introducing innovative features and maintaining a sense of familiarity for the users.


Technology Stack

The choice of technology was critical. Vue 3 was selected for its modern capabilities, flexibility, and compatibility with Maczfit’s existing PHP Framework. This decision enabled us to build a system that could handle real-time calculations of user choices and integrate smoothly with the existing backend infrastructure.


Our problem-solving process was rooted in rigorous research and testing. We conducted a series of comprehensive A/B tests to validate our hypotheses. This iterative process allowed us to refine our approach continually and develop an e-commerce solution that was not only aligned with the users’ needs but also positioned Maczfit at the cutting edge of e-commerce technology.


Outcome / Summary

The project’s success was evident in several key metrics. There was a marked increase in the conversion rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of the new user interface and process flow. The speed of the ordering process was significantly enhanced, reducing the time and effort required by users to complete their orders. Additionally, there was a noticeable increase in the Average Order Value (AOV), indicating that users were more comfortable and confident in making larger purchases.

This project’s long-term impact on Maczfit’s business was profound. By addressing critical user experience issues and leveraging advanced technology, we not only improved the immediate metrics of conversion rate and order value but also set a new standard in the industry for user-friendly, efficient, and scalable e-commerce solutions.

In conclusion, this case study serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. By combining a deep understanding of user behavior with innovative technology, we have not only solved the immediate challenges faced by Maczfit but also equipped them with a robust and scalable platform that will support their growth and evolution in the years to come.


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