Operon / Digital Transformation in Education with Design Thinking Workshops

Introduction: Revolutionizing Online Learning for Teachers

In an era where digital transformation is pivotal, Operon, a renowned book publishing company, recognized the need to innovate in the educational domain. Their objective was clear: develop a product strategy for an online courses platform tailored specifically for teachers. This is where the collaborative effort led by a specialized team comes into the picture, embarking on a journey to blend educational needs with digital solutions.

The team embarked on a strategic journey, starting with desk research to lay the groundwork. The preparation phase was crucial, as it set the tone for the design thinking workshop. The workshop, lasting an entire day, was a melting pot of ideas, bringing together diverse perspectives to map out user needs and business contexts.

The outcome was a detailed report that not only encapsulated the essence of the workshop but also paved the way for a comprehensive product strategy. The recommendations provided were tailored to ensure that the online courses platform would be not just functional but also intuitive and engaging for teachers.

This case study exemplifies how a focused, well-orchestrated approach to digital strategy can yield profound insights and actionable plans. Operon, with its vision to enhance online learning for teachers, embarked on a transformative journey, with the workshop paving the path towards a future where education and technology go hand in hand.



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