Maczfit / Transforming Health Habits: Innovative Journey in Diet Retention and Fitness Tracking

Introduction: Catering to Customer Needs

As Poland’s largest catering company, Maczfit has been a trailblazer in the dietary catering sector. With a staggering revenue of over 300 million PLN and the preparation of hundreds of thousands of meals daily, Maczfit has become a pivotal player in Poland’s health-conscious food industry.


Client’s business objectives

Overwhelmed by Calls

Daily inundation of customer calls burdening the Customer Service team.

Stuff Under Stress

Customer support personnel frequently face the brunt of customer frustration.

Helpline Hassles

High call volumes lead to accessibility issues for users.

Disorganized Processes

Inefficient and unstructured complaint management system.

Challenges and Pain Points

Maczfit faced the significant challenge of developing a retention engine designed to cultivate good health habits among its users. A key issue was that users struggled to perceive the impact of their diet on their weight during the early stages of their dietary plan. The project’s ambition was to seamlessly integrate features that would enable users to track their daily health habits, thereby enhancing engagement and adherence to their diets.

Business Objectives

The primary objective of this initiative was to create a sophisticated fitness tracking system, harmoniously integrated with Maczfit’s dietary plans. This system was designed to enable users to track critical health metrics like body weight, water intake, and calorie consumption. By providing tangible feedback on the effects of their diet, the goal was to inspire users to maintain their commitment to Maczfit’s dietary programs.

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Strategic Approach

The strategy began with an in-depth analysis of user journeys and an examination of market benchmarks. After identifying key features for growth, the focus shifted to UX design, heavily influenced by comprehensive user interviews. The adoption of a modular design approach was crucial in ensuring future scalability and efficient development.

Solutions and Overcoming Challenges

Our approach to overcoming these challenges was grounded in a deep understanding of the market and customer insights. The technology implementation was guided by this knowledge, ensuring that the solutions were robust and centered around the user experience.


Results: Measuring Success

The implementation of the retention engine and the fitness tracking features led to a significant improvement in Total Time Viewed (TTV) and the average duration of diet adherence. Users now had access to a comprehensive tool that linked their dietary habits directly to tangible health outcomes.


Long-Term Impact

The success of this project has set a new benchmark in dietary tracking and retention strategies. The increased TTV and prolonged diet durations are not just a win for Maczfit’s business model but also play a significant role in enhancing the health and wellbeing of its users. This project exemplifies the profound impact that can be achieved by integrating technology with health and nutrition.


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