STOA / Transforming Talent Acquisition with AI-Driven Recruitment Platform

“To reshape the landscape of talent acquisition globally, transforming how companies and talents connect and thrive.”

STOA, a visionary entity in the HR technology sector, embarked on an ambitious journey to redefine the recruitment process. With a clear vision to harness the power of artificial intelligence, they aimed to create an AI-driven recruitment platform. This platform was envisioned to leverage OpenAI’s API, making it possible to evaluate candidates more efficiently and accurately than traditional methods.


Client’s business objectives

Fast and Scalable App

It required the use of reliable frameworks, a well-designed database, and a scalable server.

Fast Iterations

Creating an AI app with complex prompt engineering required a lot of fast iteration. Thanks to no-code solutions, that was possible.


Working with LLM's models can be difficult in terms of security, but we faced this challenge.

The Challenge:

The integration of Language Learning Models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s GPT-4 into a real-world application presented unique challenges. These challenges included the complexities of advanced prompt engineering, ensuring the AI’s responses were appropriate and relevant, and managing a vector database for efficient data handling. There was a need to create a system that could adapt to different job requirements and candidate profiles while maintaining high accuracy and reliability.

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Our Approach

Strategy and Technology Solutions

Our comprehensive approach to these challenges involved adopting Agile Methodology for swift and responsive development, ensuring regular updates and the incorporation of feedback. We merged no-code tools with traditional coding and AI in our Hybrid Development Approach, allowing us to tailor a solution that was both innovative and efficient. Given the nature of LLMs and their tendency to produce varying results, our team implemented extensive testing protocols to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Technology Stack Used

We utilized AI Components, specifically OpenAI GPT-4 and GPT-3.5, harnessing their advanced capabilities for nuanced language understanding and generation. Pinecone was chosen for Vector Database Management due to its proficiency in handling complex data structures. Backend Development was carried out using PHP and MySQL for their reliability and scalability. Vue.js offered a responsive and user-friendly interface for Frontend Development. For MVP Creation, Integromat and Airtable facilitated rapid prototyping and development.

Additional Functionalities

Our additional functionalities included enhancing search capabilities with AI-driven Semantic Search. We streamlined communication between recruiters and candidates through a Messaging System. An intuitive onboarding experience for users was created as part of Advanced Onboarding. We enabled video submissions for candidate assessments through a Video Recording Feature. Lastly, an Admin Panel was provided for robust administrative controls for platform management.


The Bigger Picture

Long-Term Impact: A Game-Changer in HR Tech

The successful implementation of this project marked a significant milestone in the HR tech industry, particularly in the Dubai region. The AI-driven platform developed by STOA not only made the hiring process more efficient but also facilitated deeper, more meaningful connections between companies and potential employees. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative potential of combining strategic planning, innovative technology, and collaborative effort in the realm of HR technology.


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