Radstation / Simplifying Bike Parking in Münster, Germany with Mobile App

The most advanced bike parking in Europe

Radstation, renowned as one of Europe’s largest and most advanced bike parking facilities, is situated in the heart of Münster, Germany. This pioneering facility stands out for its innovative use of technology, such as automatic bike hangers and app-controlled door access, setting new benchmarks in urban mobility solutions.

Client’s Vision and Business Objectives

Radstation aimed to further elevate its service offerings by introducing a mobile application that integrates seamlessly with its state-of-the-art infrastructure. The project’s ambition was to develop an app that was exceptionally user-friendly for a diverse age group, ensuring ease of access to parking facilities, secure payment processing, and the innovative feature of app-controlled door openings. Additionally, the introduction of a Family Account feature was crucial to accommodate multiple users under a single account, streamlining payment and access management.


Client’s business objectives

Simplified User Interface

Design an intuitive, user-friendly app interface suitable for all age groups.

Advanced Integrations

Seamlessly connect the app with Radstation's cutting-edge parking technology.

Cross-Platform Functionality

Develop a unified codebase for consistent app performance on both iOS and Android.

Secure Payment System

Implement robust, secure payment and subscription mechanisms within the app.

Family Account Feature

Create a multi-user family account option for convenient payment and access management.

The Challenge: Technical Complexities

Creating an app that harmonized with Radstation’s advanced technological ecosystem presented unique challenges. It was essential to design an interface that was accessible to both younger and older demographics, ensuring a balance between advanced functionality and simplicity. Key features included a secure, GPS-enabled door opening system, intuitive payment and subscription management, and reliable offline capabilities for seamless user experience.


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Solution: User-Centric Design

Our approach involved extensive user research, leading to the creation of hundreds of meticulously designed screens. The app’s home interface was tailored to prioritize easy parking initiation and facility access. A comprehensive user profile section was developed for efficient management of payments and subscriptions, along with features for invoice downloads and payment history.

Innovative Technology Stack

To ensure a consistent and efficient user experience across various platforms, we utilized Flutter, Google’s versatile framework, as our core technology. This choice enabled us to embed native features specific to iOS and Android, while maintaining the agility and efficiency of a cross-platform application.


Outcome and Long-Term Impact

The Radstation app is now an integral part of daily life for thousands in Münster, significantly enhancing the convenience and security of bike parking.

This project has solidified Radstation’s position as a leader in the European parking industry, showcasing an unparalleled commitment to customer service and innovation. The app’s success exemplifies how technology can transform traditional services into modern, user-friendly solutions.


Future Outlook

The launch of the Radstation app represents a significant leap in urban mobility and parking solutions. Its success has set a precedent in the industry, demonstrating the potential of integrating cutting-edge technology with customer-centric design to create practical, efficient, and secure urban infrastructure solutions.


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