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Product Design

Our team will guide you through the entire process of ideating, validating and designing your product from scratch.

Web Development

Whether you’re looking for a simple landing page to help you boost your conversions or want to build a complex web application our team is there for you!

Mobile Development

Our team is experienced with various different mobile technologies and can help you choose the right tech stack for your specific project needs.


Our team of experts is always there when you need advice or help when researching, ideating or validating your product, target audience or market.

What Our
Clients Say

“I don’t think they have any areas of weakness. I really enjoyed working with them.”

Jan Zygmuntowski -
Board Chairman, Instrat Foundation

"I appreciate having access to every member of the team."

Monika Smulewicz -
CEO, HR na szpilkach

“It’s clear that they care about our idea, our project, and our company.”

Sławomir Czajkowski -
CEO, Surfer

"I liked talking directly to my designer and developer, who were both extremely helpful."

Rajen Shrestha -
Operations Manager, SalesGenomics

“It’s great to work with a partner that introduces you to new solutions and possibilities.”

Dariusz Dolczewski -
COO, C_school

“These guys were not only doing the job, but they were creative and very transparent.”

Paweł Łubiarz -
CEO, MyLuggage

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What is your key expertise?

We specialize in complete product development: from the very first ideation stages, through design, prototyping and testing to development and launch. Our development team can deliver both web and mobile products using technologies like Angular, PWA, PHP, Laravel, Flutter and native technologies for applications.

Which project’s details do you need to provide an estimation?

In order to provide you with a rough estimate of the project’s cost we need to know the scope of the project, the deadlines as well as any technical requirements.

How do you ensure the delivery of agreed-upon requirements?

We work in two-weeks-long Sprints. At the beginning of each Sprint we set out specific goals that need to be achieved at the end of this time period. This way, you have full control over the work’s progress.

How quick can you start the project?

Depending on the type of the project and the requirements, we can start as soon as within a week of signing the contract.

What are your pricing models?

Most of our work is priced in the time and material model, which means that we will bill you monthly based on the number of hours our team spent working on your project. Some services, like UX Review or Consulting can be priced with the fixed price model.

What are your communication methods and tools?

Our process was designed to include the client and their team as much as possible along the way. We use Slack as well as traditional emails to contact you with updates. You will have access to each member of the team individually to consult them whenever needed.

How do you choose the team for the project?

We choose the team based on your specific requirements as well as the deadlines. Everyone on our team has been through a thorough recruitment process, including personality tests, to ensure their technical skills as well as their soft skills match the rest of the team.

What does the client's onboarding look like?

First, we will introduce you and your team to our team as well as our communication tool. Then, we will explain to you the whole process. After that we will move on to defining the goals for the first Sprint.

How do you ensure project's confidentiality?

All of our employees are required to sign strict confidentiality agreements upon joining the team. The files we work on are kept safely in the cloud to make sure there won’t be any hardware accidents.

Thinking Worksheets

Worksheets for Clarifying Strategic Objectives

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Worksheets for Identifying Relationships,
Patterns and Trends

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Worksheets for seeing big pictures

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4UX Canvas

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