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We know that you understand your business like no one else and that’s what you should focus on. But your competitors are digitalizing and you feel like your're being left behind. So we want to help you - we’ll study your product and give you solutions that will convert into a real profit. And then we will implement them. All YOU need to do is let us do it.



Mobile App that revolutionalized HR

Filttr is a mobile app created with recruiters and candidates in mind. It was designed to change how people operate on the job market and help to fill in the deficit of IT specialists.

Active users

10 000+

Developed in

6 months

Mobile version of Instrat's website


Mobile version of Instrat's website
Mobile app design

Garden AR

Boosting sales with Augmented Reality

GardenAR is our concept project that helps to show the possibilities that come with AR technology for eCommerce businesses.

Plants models


In-depth interviews


Mobile app design
Mockup of C_School project


Data-driven learning platform

Education is important. That’s why we teamed up with the C_school team, to create a bullet proof application system so that only the most suitable candidates get the chance to become Developers for free.

Registered users

6 000+

Delivery team

8 people



Logic game for programmers Logic game for programmers

Registered users

6 000+

Delivery team

8 people



Mobile app design


Travel smart with technology

How to revolutionize travel industry with a single app? Welcome to stress free packing. With Myluggage you can create packing list with just few clicks. Fill in a short quiz and app will create packing list speciali for your travel destination.

Packing lists generated

10 000+

Designed screens

200 +

Mobile app design


A new kind of digital wallet

CoinsWallet is web application thet enable users to trade, buy, sell and swap cryptocurencies within few clicks. The primary goal of CoinsWalet is to make investing in digital assets as easy as ordering a pizza or a taxi.

Designed screens


Daily transactions



Coins Wallet App
Coins Wallet App
Coins Wallet App

Building custom solutions for your business

Data Driven Designs

Data Driven Design

You should know that just good looks isn't enough.

You have only 20 seconds to convince users to continue interacting with your product.

They will only do so if they find, what they want.

Clock is ticking.

Meet Data Driven Design. Focused on high conversions and smooth User Experience.

We don't just do pretty designs.

We Research.




Smooth Mobile Experiences
80% of the customers state, that they choose products based on how easy they are to use.
They expect easy access anytime, anywhere with just a single click.
Your competitors are ready. Are you?

We all know that when we want something, we want it fast...

...and where it comes to speed, software houses are the kings. Thanks to their small teams and lean structures, they are able to deliver products extremely fast. But there's also a problem - once your product gets bigger, a small software house won't be able to help you grow it by themselves. We decided to solve this problem. As INVO, we partnered up with Poland’s biggest IT outsourcing company. This way, we can combine the speed and agility of a software house with the much needed stability and scalability of a corporation.

15 MLN

euro revenue


developers on the payroll

20+ years

developing software

Connectis_ group

These guys were not only doing the job, but they were creative and very transparent.

Paweł Łubiarz - CEO, MyLuggage

It’s great working with partner that introduce you to new solutions and possibilities.

Dariusz Dolczewski - COO, C_school

I feel like what i do has the potential to change peoples lives.

Iga Wójtowicz - Project Manager, INVO Technologies

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