INVO Academy / Cutting-edge platform for Project-Based Learning

Overview of INVO Academy’s Innovative Online Programming School

INVO Academy is an innovative online programming school that emphasizes project-based learning. By simulating real-world projects similar to platforms like Spotify, Twitter, and Reddit, they offer a unique educational experience for aspiring programmers.


Client’s business objectives

Web Application Suite Development

Enhancing educational engagement through the creation of diverse web applications for learning resources, material accessibility, and project selection.

Code Review Admin Panel Creation

Establishing a specialized admin panel for facilitating efficient code reviews by senior developers.

User Account Management Panel

Developing a user-friendly interface for account management and subscription services.

Community Ecosystem Integration with Circle

Fostering a vibrant community ecosystem by integrating Circle for enhanced user interaction and collaboration.

Educational Content Admin Panel

Constructing an intuitive admin panel for seamless lesson creation and video tutorial uploads, elevating the learning experience.


INVO Academy faced a complex challenge: developing a web platform that allows users to select a curriculum and learn at their own pace. This involved designing hundreds of screens and multiple landing pages, developing two separate applications (one for learning and another for operational management), and integrating a community tool named Circe. Additionally, implementing a user-friendly pricing model and subscription system presented significant hurdles.

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Our Approach

The strategy began with a deep dive into user journey analysis, aiming to thoroughly understand the motivations, habits, and challenges faced by programming students. This was followed by a comprehensive benchmarking process, identifying and mapping out the best solutions in the market. Special attention was given to growth features that could be implemented to enhance the learning experience.

The project then moved into the UX design phase, focusing on creating a user-friendly, intuitive interface. Hundreds of screens were designed with a modular approach in mind, ensuring easy scalability and adaptability. This phase also included creating detailed design documentation for the development team.

As development commenced, there was a strong emphasis on collaboration between the design and development teams. This synergy was crucial in ensuring that every aspect of the project was executed smoothly and efficiently, with continuous iterations and feedback loops to refine the product.


Solutions and Overcoming Challenges

One of the key solutions in overcoming the project’s challenges was the adoption of a modular architecture for the application. This approach allowed for rapid development and easy scalability of the platform. The software house’s extensive experience and expertise in market analysis played a crucial role in developing a platform that precisely met the needs of the students and operational team.

To tackle the challenge of the pricing model and subscription system, a user-centric design philosophy was employed. The team developed an intuitive interface that allowed users to easily manage subscriptions, view payment history, and adjust settings.

The integration of the community tool, Circe, into the application ecosystem was a critical step in enhancing the learning experience. It fostered a sense of community among users, enabling them to share knowledge and support each other.


Conclusion: The Bigger Picture

The successful completion of the INVO Academy project illustrates the software house’s ability to deliver complex, multifaceted solutions tailored to client needs. This project not only transformed how INVO Academy operates but also set a precedent for future educational platforms. It showcases the software house’s commitment to innovation, user-centric design, and strategic problem-solving.

Revolutionizing Online Programming Education and Future Perspectives

The launch of the platform revolutionized online programming education. Its success is a testament to the effective collaboration between INVO Academy and the software house, paving the way for future advancements in online learning.


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