Maczfit / Revolutionizing Customer Complaints Management with User-Friendly Module

Pioneering Catering Excellence and Customer Service Innovation

Maczfit, Poland’s leading dietary catering company, boasts a staggering revenue of over 300 million PLN and prepares hundreds of thousands of meals daily. Known for its innovative approach, Maczfit has transformed how Polish people perceive healthy eating and dieting, offering a unique, fully personalized food box delivery service.


Client’s business objectives

Enhanced Complaint Management

Simplified and efficient complaint handling with an intuitive user-friendly system.

Seamless Integration and Accessibility

Integrated complaints module in Maczfit's app for easy access and familiarity.

Advanced Data Processing

Automated, personalized response system for quicker complaint resolution.

Operational Efficiency

Reduced call volume and improved customer service efficiency through app-based complaints management.

Challenges and Pain Points

Maczfit faced significant issues with their complaint handling process, which was emotionally charged, inefficient, and often overwhelming for both customers and customer service personnel. The primary problems included:

High Call Volume: The customer service team was inundated with a large number of calls daily.

High Pressure: Customer support staff frequently dealt with intense emotional outbursts from customers.

Difficult Contact: Customers often struggled to connect with the helpline, which was frequently occupied.

Unstructured Complaints Process: The method of receiving and recording complaints was prolonged and inconsistent.

Strategic Approach

To address these challenges, we conducted comprehensive workshops with relevant departments to gain an in-depth understanding of the current operational processes. The goal was to develop a solution that would streamline and expedite the work of the Customer Support Department while providing an easy and intuitive way for users to contact support.


Innovative Solutions: User-Centric Design and Efficiency

Intuitive User Experience: The UX team focused on creating a simple, self-explanatory interface, highlighting essential tasks and providing all necessary information to complete each step with ease.

Streamlined Process: Implementing a ‘one question at a time’ approach, simplifying user interaction, and standardizing complaint submissions for efficient processing by Customer Service.

Progress Tracking: Ensuring transparency by updating users with detailed statuses throughout their complaint’s lifecycle.

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Solutions and Overcoming Challenges

Self-Explanatory User Experience: Our UX team focused on creating a straightforward and intuitive interface, highlighting the core tasks and providing all necessary information for users to complete their complaints.

One Question at a Time: To simplify the process for users and standardize complaint submissions for customer service, the module was designed to present one question per screen.

Progress Monitoring: We implemented a feature to display descriptive statuses at each stage of the complaint process, keeping users informed about the progress of their complaints.

Accessibility and Familiarity: By integrating the complaints module within the existing Maczfit app, we ensured immediate adoption and ease of use, as users were already familiar with the app for tracking their diet results.

Database Integration: The app, serving as the primary tool for filing complaints, could accurately identify the meals and dates relevant to each user’s complaint, allowing for automated resolution of issues without the need for consultant intervention.

Analytical Insight: The well-mapped complaint process enabled precise categorization and monthly reporting of complaints, providing valuable insights into user pain points and helping Maczfit to refine their processes to minimize future complaints.


Results: Measuring Success

Although specific metrics cannot be shared, the adoption rate of this new complaints submission module was extraordinary. The majority of users quickly transitioned to using this feature, preferring it over waiting in phone queues.

Conclusion: The Bigger Picture

This project exemplifies our ability to innovate and deliver user-centric solutions that streamline complex processes. Our collaboration with Maczfit highlights our expertise in enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.


Long-Term Impact

The successful implementation of this complaints submission module has set a new standard in customer service within the catering industry. The high adoption rate and the shift from traditional phone-based complaints to the app-based system have significantly improved the overall user experience, demonstrating the immense value of integrating technology with customer service processes.

This project not only benefitted Maczfit’s operational efficiency but also greatly enhanced user satisfaction, showcasing the profound impact of thoughtful and user-friendly technological solutions.


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