/ Building Europe’s Largest Solar Marketplace

Iluminating the Solar Industry with marketplace is at the forefront of the rapidly evolving solar energy market, offering an expansive range of solar panels, inverters, batteries, and accessories. The platform serves as a comprehensive hub for installers across Europe, providing access to wholesale photovoltaic (PV) equipment at competitive prices. This industry’s growth trajectory is propelled by the increasing demand for solar energy solutions and the energy transformation initiatives underway in various EU countries.


Client’s business objectives

Reinventing Solar Commerce

Elevating the buying and selling experience in Europe's solar market.

Emphasizing Scalability for Market Growth

Focusing on scalable solutions to accommodate expanding market demands.

Enhancing Speed in Marketplace Operations

Accelerating transaction processes for a more efficient user experience.

Guaranteeing Reliability in Service

Providing consistent and dependable platform performance for users.

Strategic Development Goals

Our engineering team was tasked with developing the European solar equipment marketplace from scratch.’s founders envisioned a platform that would surpass competitors in user experience and functionality. Their ambition was not just to facilitate transactions but to revolutionize the buying and selling dynamics within the solar industry, thereby nurturing business growth for stakeholders involved. Our goal was to make this vision a reality using cutting-edge technologies and superior UX.

Innovating Solar Commerce: INVO embarked on a mission to transform the European solar market by pioneering intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly transaction mechanisms, aiming to redefine commerce standards in the industry.

Superior UX and UI Design: Our team committed to designing an unparalleled user experience and interface, making the platform accessible and engaging for both buyers and sellers.

Scalable Frontend and Backend Development: Utilizing Vue.js and PHP Laravel, INVO engineering team developed a responsive frontend and a robust backend infrastructure, ensuring the platform’s scalability and performance.

Streamlining the Negotiation Process: By innovating the negotiation process, we aimed to simplify interactions between buyers and sellers, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Optimizing Operational Speed and Reliability: Our focus was on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to ensure rapid transaction processing and maintain an exceptional uptime record.

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Overcoming Technical Challenges in Building

The journey to develop was fraught with technical challenges that tested our resolve and ingenuity. A key hurdle was architecting a database capable of handling a vast array of products while remaining fast and efficient. Our solution was a highly optimized database design, tailored to the unique demands of the solar marketplace.

To accommodate the platform’s expansive product range, we devised a custom importer for offers and products, which flawlessly integrates with Excel files, streamlining the onboarding process for sellers. Preparing for rapid scalability, we hosted the entire infrastructure on a cloud service, enabling automatic scaling of resources through advanced real-time analytics, thus ensuring peak performance and cost efficiency.

A standout feature we developed is the platform’s unique negotiation mechanism, which facilitates direct negotiations between buyers and sellers through a user-friendly chat interface. This system, the first of its kind in the market, supports multiple languages, enabling seamless communication across Europe with an automatic message translation feature. It also includes functionalities for offer updates, attachment sending, and status displays, enriching the negotiation experience.


Core Features Developed by INVO

We’ve meticulously engineered a suite of core features aimed at revolutionizing the marketplace experience. These innovations are not just about enhancing the platform’s functionality; they’re about redefining how buyers and sellers interact in a digital space. Here’s a glimpse into the groundbreaking features we’ve developed:

Dynamic Product Catalog: A comprehensive and fast-access catalog with advanced filtering, enabling users to find products efficiently.

Enhanced Negotiation Tools: A user-friendly interface for direct communication and negotiations between buyers and sellers.

Automated Pricing and Purchasing: Systems for instant purchase decisions, including automated pricing and transportation cost calculations.

Real-Time Market Insights: Features providing live updates on product availability and pricing from various sellers.

AI-Enhanced Search Functionality: An intelligent search engine that offers predictive product suggestions based on user behavior and trends.

Secured Transactions: An escrow payment system through Stripe, ensuring secure fund transfer post-product delivery.

Comprehensive Sales and Order Management: Tools for buyers and sellers to manage transactions, negotiations, and order statuses effectively.



Conclusion: Pioneering Europe’s Solar Marketplace

The launch of marks a significant milestone in the solar industry’s evolution in Europe. By offering a platform that combines a wide product range with advanced technological features, is set to facilitate smoother transactions, encourage market participation, and ultimately contribute to the region’s energy transformation goals. INVO’s role in developing this marketplace underscores our expertise in leveraging technology to solve complex industry challenges, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and excellence in software development.



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