Kuchnia Vikinga / Automating all customer complaints with one tool

Setting the Stage

The landscape of dietary catering is filled with challenges, especially in the sphere of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

When Kuchnia Vikinga approached us, they had a set of specific business objectives that required attention. Here’s how we tackled them and emerged triumphant.


Client’s business objectives

Speedy Redressal

Automating the complaint reporting process for quicker resolution.

Efficacy First

Streamlining queue management to improve operational efficiency.

Human Touch

Minimizing manual workload for staff to concentrate on key tasks.

Client Satisfaction

Elevating customer happiness by resolving issues swiftly.

Ingenious Solutions:
Crafted for Perfection

With tight governmental restrictions and high cybersecurity standards, PPL needed a software house that could maneuver these complexities and deliver top-notch products. The ask was clear: build a web and mobile application that would not only serve passengers but also stand as a technological marvel.

Strategic Approach

Our first step was to perform a granular needs analysis to understand the client’s existing infrastructure and identify gaps that needed to be filled. This allowed us to design a tailor-made complaint reporting system, which was then integrated seamlessly into Kuchnia Vikinga’s existing workflow.

Technology Stack

Thulium: For queue management and staff onboarding processes.

Vue.js: For crafting a user-friendly interface for the complaint form.

PHP: For Backend Development and connecting all tools together.

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Technical Hurdles:
More Than Just Code

While integrating our custom complaint reporting system into Kuchnia Vikinga’s existing infrastructure, we faced an array of challenges that went beyond simple code writing. These included:

Employee Skepticism and Training Woes

As is often the case with the introduction of new systems, employees had their reservations. Their concerns ranged from apprehensions about adopting new technology to doubts about its efficacy and reliability. Furthermore, training sessions were required to bring everyone up to speed, but they often clashed with ongoing operational duties.

Email and Social Media Integration

Given that customer complaints often arrived via email or social media, it was crucial to integrate these channels into the new complaint system. This proved challenging due to differences in data formats, privacy concerns, and real-time responsiveness.


Overcoming Challenges:
A Strategic Blend of
Communication and
Technical Mastery

Smoothing the Training Process

We provided on-line training, focusing on hands-on experience and real-life case studies. Training modules were designed to be flexible, allowing employees to undergo training without disrupting their regular duties.

Perfecting Integration

For seamless email and social media integration, our developers standardized data formats and ensured that all API calls met the privacy standards required for sensitive customer data. This allowed for an organized, unified dashboard where complaints from various channels could be viewed and managed in real-time.


The Bigger Picture

Kuchnia Vikinga is now an industry benchmark in effective complaint management and service quality. Our partnership didn’t just solve issues—it set a new industry standard, aligning perfectly with the client’s mission to lead in quality service.

In a world where customer satisfaction is the ultimate currency, our work with Kuchnia Vikinga serves as a testament to what can be achieved when the right technology meets insightful strategy.

When you partner with us, you don’t just get a vendor; you get a partner committed to your long-term success. Let’s revolutionize your industry together.


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