Agrol Matejka / Pioneering the Wheat Trading Marketplace – 350 mln GMV

Agrol Matejka’s Digital Transformation

Agrol Matejka stands as a premier wheat broker in Western Europe, known for its extensive operations in railway transport, warehousing, and container shipping from the Netherlands. This market leader collaborates with numerous brokers across Eastern Europe, defining a significant presence in the agricultural trading sector.

Client’s Needs and Business Objectives

Agrol Matejka sought to revolutionize its trading operations by creating an automated, secure online marketplace. This platform was envisioned to facilitate transactions between Agrol and wheat sellers across Poland, streamline the offer creation process, and enable efficient contract signing and management. The overarching goal was to build a scalable marketplace with an admin panel, enhancing operational efficiency and market reach.


Client’s business objectives

Reinventing Solar Commerce

Elevating the buying and selling experience in Europe's wheat market.

Emphasizing Scalability for Market Growth

Focusing on scalable solutions to accommodate expanding market demands.

Enhancing Speed in Marketplace Operations

Accelerating transaction processes for a more efficient user experience.

Guaranteeing Reliability in Service

Providing consistent and dependable platform performance for users.

Understanding the Challenge

The project presented a multifaceted set of technical challenges that required a nuanced and strategic approach.

Multi-Vendor System Development: Building a comprehensive system that would allow both administrators and clients to efficiently manage their accounts, oversee transactions, and handle contracts in a unified platform. This system had to be intuitive for users while offering robust functionality for complex trading operations.

Contract Signing Automation: Integrating advanced contract signing software was crucial to streamline the transaction process. This integration needed to be seamless, ensuring legal compliance and security in digital contract management.

CRM System Integration: A significant hurdle was integrating the new platform with Agrol Matejka’s existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This required careful planning and execution to ensure data consistency, real-time updates, and uninterrupted workflow between the systems.

Scalable Database Architecture: Developing a database that could not only handle the current transaction volume but also scale effectively as Agrol Matejka’s operations grew. This entailed creating a flexible, robust database structure capable of accommodating an expanding user base and increasing data loads.

Secure and User-Friendly Landing Page: Designing a landing page that was not only aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate for sellers but also secure and efficient in capturing and processing user registrations. The landing page was a critical component in attracting and onboarding new sellers to the platform.

Cross-Platform Compatibility and Performance Optimization: Ensuring the platform’s optimal performance across various devices and operating systems was crucial for user accessibility and satisfaction. This involved meticulous coding, testing, and optimization to guarantee a seamless user experience.

Each of these challenges required a tailored solution, blending innovative technology with user-centric design to create a platform that would redefine Agrol Matejka’s role in the wheat trading market.

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Strategic Solution: Development Strategy

Our approach began with an in-depth product strategy phase, followed by collaborative workshops with the Agrol Matejka team to align our solutions with their specific business needs. The design phase involved crafting hundreds of screens, meticulously planning the product database, and then moving on to the development stages.

Technology Stack

We chose Laravel and Vue.js for their robustness and flexibility, enabling us to build a comprehensive backend infrastructure and a dynamic frontend interface.


Impact and Outcome

In just one year, Agrol Matejka achieved an impressive 350 million GMV through the platform, with strong adoption metrics from sellers, demonstrating the platform’s efficacy and market acceptance.


Long-Term Market Influence

This digital platform has fundamentally shifted Agrol Matejka’s business strategy, positioning them as a forefront innovator in Western Europe’s agricultural trading market. By leveraging advanced technology, Agrol Matejka has not only streamlined its operations but also expanded its market influence significantly.



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