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Use Flutter to develop apps for multiple
platforms quickly and easily.




one codebase

Build your product faster
and cheaper with Flutter.

Flutter is one of the most popular technologies right now for iOS and Android
app development. Our Flutter team is now 10+ people and still growing. We use
it because it enables us to build excellent experiences quickly and efficiently.

Why Should You
Use Flutter?

One code base for all devices

Flutter is a cross-platform technology, meaning you
can build apps for multiple platforms with just one
code base.

Faster and cheaper development

Because you don’t need to code each app
separately, the development will be much quicker
and, as a result, cheaper.

Excellent UI and UX

One of the best advantages of Flutter is how
focused it is on UX. The SDK offers a lot of widgets to
ensure your apps are as user-friendly as possible.

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Meet Our Flutter Team

Krystian Stefańczyk

Krystian Stefańczyk


Maciej Berka

Maciej Berka

Mobile Developer

Mateusz Gawin

Mateusz Gawin

Mobile Developer

Damian Danowski

Damian Danowski

Mobile Developer

Sylwia Sikora

Sylwia Sikora

Mobile Developer

How We Work

Based on your needs, we can support you in end-to-end product
development by composing a cross-functional team or
seamlessly extend your in-house team of engineers in no time.

Dedicated Product Team

INVO offers complete product teams managed by experienced Project Managers. Based on your requirements and objectives we will choose the best team for your project and take care of the entire delivery process as well as launch and maintenance of your app.

Team Augmentation

If you already have an in-house team, we can help you by offering experienced mobile developers suited perfectly to the specific needs of your project. Based on your requirements we will provide you with several specialists to choose from that we can onboard into your project seamlessly.

Our Flutter

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Packing has never
been easier.

We wanted the design to be fun and truly out-of-this-world. We have created characters and build the visual identification from the start. This app is currently being developed, but it’s previous version is up and running right now!

Mobile Design

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Meet your perfectly
matched specialist

Filttr is a mobile app created with recruiters and candidates in mind. It was designed to change how people operate on the job market and help to fill in the deficit of IT specialists.

Design Development
We build excellent Flutter products. Let’s build one for you! 👋

Our Best Flutter

Flutter is getting more and more popular. Our team has several
Flutter Developers and we’ve made multiple Flutter apps. Here
our best practices for building apps in Flutter:


Avoid Costly Build Operations

One of the things that can greatly impact the performance of your Flutter app are build method operations. When building your app we avoid any operations that require a lot of resources, memory and async calls. Those operations would be performed every time a tree would be rebuilt, slowing down your app.


Split Code Into Small Widgets

When building apps in Flutter, or any other technology for that matter, the readability and reusability is crucial. People need to be able to read the code we’ve written, in case the project is handed off to someone else or there’s a new developer joining the team. The reusability is also very important. It enables our team to be more efficient and effective when coding. So, we write the code in the form of smaller widgets instead of large trees.


Avoid Absolute Positioning At All Costs

Absolute positioning is one of the worst things when building apps. When coding for just one specific device, it can seem like absolute positioning is not that bad. However, when you’re building an app that’s meant to be released onto various different devices and operating systems – absolute positioning can really mess up the interface. We use values that adapt to the sizes of screens instead of absolute positioning whenever possible.


Use Effects Carefully

In older GPUs, drawing content into the offscreen buffer might trigger render target switches which can slow down your app. That’s why we are very careful with effects. Instead of using the ones that might trigger saveLayer(), we prefer using the ones that don’t.

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