Verdilab / eCommerce Solution for Verdilab Cosmetics Switzerland

Pioneering Premium Natural Skincare in Switzerland

Verdilab, as the first brand under the Swiss VRFD house of brands, has set a new standard in the skincare industry. Founded by Victoria Neymann, Verdilab combines science-based, premium, and natural skincare products that deliver scientifically-proven results. Leveraging Victoria’s scientific background and extensive experience in the beauty industry, Verdilab stands out for its vegan, cruelty-free products devoid of harmful ingredients like parabens and alcohol. The brand distinguishes itself by focusing on clean skincare and educating consumers transparently about their formulations and production processes.


Client’s business objectives

Brand Positioning and Awareness

Position Verdilab as the Swiss pioneer in natural skincare, focusing on clean, vegan beauty and scientific integrity.

E-Commerce Platform Enhancement

Revamp Verdilab's eCommerce experience with a user-friendly platform featuring a custom ingredient library and personalized skin assessments.

Market Expansion and Growth

Drive Verdilab’s growth by tapping into new markets and utilizing digital channels to educate on clean skincare benefits.

Innovation and Product Development

Lead with innovation by integrating the latest scientific research into Verdilab’s natural skincare offerings.

Client’s Needs and Business Goals

Verdilab approached INVO needing a comprehensive eCommerce solution that effectively conveyed their brand message and provided a seamless user experience. A critical component of this solution was the integration of a custom ingredient library and a skin test, guiding users to their ideal skincare routine based on individual needs.

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The challenge for Verdilab was multifaceted: developing an engaging, informative eCommerce platform that reflected the brand’s ethos of clean beauty and clinical skincare. The previous contractor had not fully captured Verdilab’s unique brand identity, necessitating a fresh approach that merged the worlds of clean beauty and clinical efficacy in a user-friendly interface.


Solution: Strategic Approach

INVO began with in-depth research and workshops with Verdilab to deeply understand the brand and its target audience. This phase involved quantitative research, including questionnaires to gauge the target group’s habits and perspectives. Low fidelity wireframes of the website were created, with each page designed to address specific user objectives and guide them through Verdilab’s brand story.

Technology Stack

Verdilab’s visual identity was crafted to merge the clean beauty and clinical skincare worlds. The design team used warm colors and bold images, complemented by a feminine secondary font to engage users. Regular brainstorming sessions with Verdilab ensured the brand’s vision was accurately translated into the website’s design and functionality.


The UI design phase involved close cooperation with Verdilab’s team, addressing the complexities of the beauty industry and ensuring each screen met Verdilab’s specific requirements. The result was a boutique-like, high-end shopping experience, with the eCommerce site showcasing each product line and its features innovatively while maintaining functionality through filters and educational elements.


Outcome / Summary

The launch of Verdilab’s new eCommerce site marked a significant achievement. The collaboration between INVO and Verdilab resulted in a platform that not only resonated with the brand’s unique identity but also enhanced user engagement and education. The project’s success is a testament to the power of combining in-depth industry knowledge with innovative design and technology, setting a new standard in the natural skincare eCommerce domain.

This case study showcases Verdilab’s journey with INVO in creating an eCommerce solution that not only addresses the challenges of a niche market but also positions the brand at the forefront of the natural skincare industry.


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