Maczfit / Over $100 mln in Revenue From One Mobile App

Developing Maczfit’s Comprehensive Mobile App

Maczfit, the largest catering company in Poland, has been a pioneering force in the dietary catering industry. With an impressive annual revenue exceeding 300 million PLN, the company specializes in preparing diverse, nutritionally balanced meals on a large scale. Recognized for its commitment to health and wellness, Maczfit sought to extend its reach and functionality through digital means.

Project Vision

The objective was clear: develop an all-encompassing Mobile App for Maczfit that not only simplifies diet ordering and management but also integrates fitness tracking and loyalty programs. The aim was to offer a holistic health and dietary solution, thereby establishing Maczfit as a digital innovator in the health and nutrition sector.


Client’s business objectives

Expand Digital Reach

Develop a comprehensive app to solidify Maczfit's position as a digital leader in health and nutrition.

Enhance User Experience

Create an intuitive, engaging app to cater to diverse customer needs and tech-savviness levels

Operational Efficiency

mplement real-time updates and seamless functionality across platforms for efficient meal management.

Boost User Retention

Design a user-friendly interface for increased satisfaction and retention, evidenced by high app ratings.


Inclusivity was a priority, making all digital tools accessible to a broader audience.

Technical Complexities

A critical requirement was the ability of the app to update and adapt in real-time to Maczfit’s rapidly changing meal offerings. This necessitated a solution that could provide seamless, consistent functionality across iOS and Android platforms while managing a large and varied database of nutritional information and customer preferences.

User Experience and Engagement

Another significant challenge was to design an interface that was intuitive yet comprehensive, catering to a broad demographic with varying levels of tech-savviness. The app needed to be engaging, easy to navigate, and capable of handling complex functionalities without overwhelming the user.


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Strategic Approach: Research and Planning

Our initial phase involved extensive market research and user interviews. This phase was crucial in understanding the specific needs and preferences of Maczfit’s clientele, allowing us to tailor the app’s features accordingly. We then proceeded to develop a detailed product strategy, ensuring that every aspect of the app was user-centric and aligned with Maczfit’s business goals.

Design Philosophy

Over 1,000 screens were meticulously designed, showcasing our commitment to a detailed and thoughtful user interface and experience. Each screen was crafted to ensure ease of use, aesthetic appeal, and functional clarity, making diet management and fitness tracking a pleasant and straightforward experience for users.


Solution: Technology Selection

We chose Flutter, Google’s advanced framework, for its ability to support a single codebase across multiple platforms. This decision was instrumental in achieving consistency in user experience and efficiency in maintenance and updates. Furthermore, the integration of Hive for local data caching enabled robust offline functionality, an essential feature for users in areas with limited internet access.

Outcome and Long-Term Impact

The Maczfit app has been a resounding success, evidenced by over 500,000 downloads and an average rating of 5.8 stars across major app platforms. The app proficiently manages thousands of transactions daily, indicating high user retention and satisfaction.


Future Prospects

The successful launch and adoption of the Maczfit app have opened avenues for future enhancements and additional features, keeping pace with evolving customer needs and technological advancements. The app’s framework allows for scalable and agile development, ensuring that Maczfit remains at the forefront of digital innovation in the health and nutrition industry.


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