PPL / How INVO Transformed Passenger Experience for PPL Airports

Introduction: More Than Just a Landing Strip

Polskie Porty Lotnicze (PPL) operates at the heart of Poland’s aviation sector, managing national airports and focusing on providing an enhanced travel experience that goes beyond basic transit, embracing digital innovation to streamline airport navigation.

Committed to offering travelers an experience that transcends mere transit, PPL envisioned digital tools that would make airport navigation a breeze. This is where INVO took flight.


Client’s business objectives

Ironclad Cybersecurity

We implemented rigorous safety protocols and conducted thorough vulnerability testing.

In-house Deployment System

A custom deployment system was set up on-site to ensure compliance with strict norms.

Secure Internal Network

Server access was restricted to internal networks, ensuring data security.

Real-Time Data Sync

Continuous data connection with flight control systems was maintained.

Universal Accessibility

Inclusivity was a priority, making all digital tools accessible to a broader audience.

The Challenge: Navigating New Altitudes

PPL sought to transcend traditional airport experiences amid stringent governmental regulations and high cybersecurity demands. The mission was to create web and mobile applications that would not only elevate passenger experiences but also stand as technological exemplars in the aviation industry.

Our Master Plan

Our journey started with extensive client workshops that mapped out the entire ecosystem. We then curated user scenarios that helped draft project specifications. With a focus on seamless integration with existing flight control systems, we laid the foundation for one central system that could manage apps for all airports.

Objectives: Setting the Flight Path

To redefine the travel experience, PPL set forth ambitious objectives.

Instant Flight Updates: Guarantee passengers access to up-to-the-minute flight information, eliminating uncertainties and enhancing travel planning.

Digital Wayfinding: Integrate advanced digital navigation solutions within airport premises, making every corner of the airport easily accessible and reducing the stress of airport transit.

Luggage Control Traffic: Deploy sophisticated systems to monitor real-time luggage control traffic, ensuring efficient handling and movement of baggage, reducing wait times and improving overall passenger satisfaction.

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The Solution: Engineering a Digital Takeoff

Our collaboration commenced with deep-dive workshops to fully understand the airport ecosystem. We meticulously crafted user scenarios to inform the project’s specifications, prioritizing a seamless integration with existing flight control systems for centralized app management across all airports.

Technological Framework

Backend Solution: Adopted Laravel Nova for its robust and scalable backend capabilities.

Frontend Development: Utilized Vue.js to ensure a dynamic and user-friendly interface.

Mobile Platform: Chose Flutter for its efficiency in delivering high-performance, cross-platform mobile applications.


Challenges & Triumphs: The Journey Through Turbulence

We Tackled Stringent Cybersecurity: We rigorously adhered to the government’s cybersecurity standards, implementing state-of-the-art security measures and conducting thorough vulnerability checks to ensure the highest level of data protection.

We Unified Backend Infrastructure: We developed a cohesive backend system that seamlessly supported a unified application experience across all PPL airports, ensuring consistency and reliability in passenger services.

Navigating Solutions

Cybersecurity Fortification: We didn’t just meet cybersecurity standards; our team set new ones. Through rigorous protocols and detailed vulnerability assessments, we ensured the utmost security for passenger data.

Customized Deployment System: Recognizing the unique operational needs of airports, we deployed a tailored system on-site, ensuring all digital solutions were fully compliant with stringent regulations.

Our Data Protection Measures: Our team took extraordinary measures to secure data, limiting server access strictly to internal networks, thus significantly enhancing our security posture.

Synchronized Data Flow: Maintaining a real-time connection with PPL’s flight control systems, we provided passengers with up-to-the-minute updates, enhancing their travel experience.

Our Commitment to Inclusive Design: Understanding the importance of accessibility, our team designed all digital tools to be user-friendly for a broad spectrum of passengers, ensuring inclusivity in the digital transformation journey.


Conclusion: The New Era of Air Travel

Long-Term Impact: PPL has successfully redefined the air travel experience in Poland, transforming airports into hubs of convenience and digital assistance. The strategic partnership with INVO has introduced:

Real-time flight and luggage tracking for passengers.

Personalized and responsive services for an enhanced travel experience.

A solid foundation for future digital advancements, positioning PPL as a leader in global airport innovation.

PPL’s commitment to elevating passenger services through digital innovation has materialized into a seamless and enriched travel experience, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of airport services.


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