Product Managers are not UX Designers or Researchers, however, the art of UX is extremely useful to Product Managers. Here’s the top things Product Managers can learn from UX:

  1. Two Key Principles Of Product Management
  2. How To Make The Best Project Decisions As A Product Manager
  3. How To Be A Great Product Management Leader?
  4. Why Is UX So Important For Product Managers?
  5. Using UX Techniques To Make Better Product Decisions
  6. The Best Mental Models For Product Managers
  7. Testing From The Product Manager’s Perspective
  8. How To Use Deadlines Effectively In Product Management?
  9. 6 Biggest Myths About Product Development
  10. A Day In Life Of A Product Manager

UX And Product Management

First of all, let’s discuss how UX plays into being a Product Manager. After all, there’s probably a UX Designer within your team. So why should you care about UX? As a PM, you are directly responsible for the delivery of a product. And any issues the users have with the product will fall onto your shoulders. While managing and leading your team, there’s certain things from the UX perspective that will help you stay focused on what you need to deliver.

You Are NOT The User

The most crucial thing you need to remember at all times is that you are not the user. Many PMs fall into the trap of making product-related decisions from their own perspective. But if there’s just one thing you take away from this video and from the art of UX in general, it’s that the user always comes first. When making any decisions, even the smallest changes in copy or colours, always think “what does the user want?”. It will be very helpful if you and your team have User Personas, because you can easier identify with them.

UX and Product Management Go Together

The next thing you need to know is that as a Product Manager you should work closely with the UX Designer on your team. Although you should not do each other’s tasks, exchanging ideas and insights is absolutely necessary. UX Designers have the most information about the users and their needs, so you should always trust their opinions and ideas. If possible, you can even join them on field trips or during user interviews.

UX Is Everywhere

Most teams don’t realize that everyone makes important UX decisions daily. Each designer, developer and tester has an impact on the product’s UX with their daily tasks. Realizing that as a Product Manager is crucial. You need to ensure that everyone on the team is familiar with the product’s objectives. Not only the designers should know the personas and journeys. Once you  realize that everyone on the team makes product decisions, focus on getting everyone included and familiar with those things.

Why Should UX Matter To Product Managers?

Finally, let’s talk about why UX should matter to Product Managers. As a PM, you are at the intersection of business and the customer. You need to walk this line and balance the company’s objectives with the users’ needs. You are also responsible for achieving certain milestones and goals. And the way to do that is also through UX. Putting a strong focus on the end customer is just as important as remembering your company’s goals. After all, it’s the customers who drive your business.

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