Since Flutter came out it has grown and grown in popularity. There’s lots of companies and individual developers using it because of its great benefits. What are some top Flutter apps that are great examples of this technology’s possibilities? Let’s dive in!

1. Reflectly

Top 5 Flutter Apps In 2020 - Reflectly

Reflectly is one of the most recognizable apps made with Flutter. It represents one of the best features of Flutter apps – excellent design. It has won several awards for its impeccable UI as well as UX and many people swear by it. Reflectly is a mindfulness app that helps the users be more aware of their everyday feelings. Besides being one of the top Flutter apps, it was also App Store’s App Of The Day.

2. Google Ads

Top 5 Flutter Apps In 2020 - Google Ads

It’s only appropriate that Flutter’s parent, Google, made an app with this SDK. Google Ads’ Mobile Android App is made with Flutter to provide a seamless experience. The app helps users to manage, track and optimize all their campaigns on a mobile device. As with other Google apps, you can expect the app has excellent design. But what’s even more impressive is its performance. Even with multiple ad accounts and campaigns, the app still works like a charm!

3. Groupon

Top 5 Flutter Apps In 2020 - Groupon

Another big company that uses Flutter is Groupon. Their mobile app for merchants is made using Flutter. The app enables Groupon merchants to track their campaigns, measure and monitor customer feedback as well as get quick support from Groupon. Even though the app is used by thousands of hundreds of merchants, the performance is impeccable.

4. Philips HUE

Top 5 Flutter Apps In 2020 - Phillips HUE

With smart devices getting more and more popular, Phillips HUE system is setting out to be the market leader in intelligent lighting. Their mobile app is one of the best examples of Flutter apps. It works flawlessly to enable users to control the lighting in their home as well as sync it to the currently-consumed media. The simple yet beautiful app is a perfect addition to the smart home system and has won over the hearts of millions of users worldwide.

5. eBay Motors

Top 5 Flutter Apps In 2020 - eBay Motors

The next big company that has put their trust in Flutter is eBay. Although they are not using Flutter for their main platform, they have begun to experiment with this technology. The eBay Motors mobile app is built with Flutter to enable users to search for, buy and sell vehicles directly from their mobile device. This is an example of how powerful Flutter apps are. eBay connects hundreds of thousands of users and hosts endless offers. The Flutter-made app can still manage that and provide excellent user experience.

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