We’re happy to share that Agrol Matejka has decided to build its agricultural raw materials wholesale platform with us!

Agrol Matejka is a Polish crops broker with a revenue at the level of 280 mln PLN, that exports grains from Poland, Romania and Ukraine all over Europe.

The main purpose of the platform is automation of the international purchase process from vendors with sales to the end customers in the West.

Both teams have started the cooperation from workshops in order to better understand agricultural business, define critical parts of the purchase and sales processes and improve flow to offer Agrol’s partners and customers a highly intuitive trade tool.

Except for the strategic part, INVO’s contribution to the project was web application development, choosing Laravel and Vue.js as the best-fitting tech stack. To facilitate the trade process even more, we’ve additionally integrated a documentation signing tool and logistics software.

We’re sure that this unusual application, after its release, will cover the market needs for a reliable agricultural raw materials digital trade area, providing its users with the most efficient and effortless sales-purchase process.