IT outsourcing has several benefits for your business. Many companies outsource specific experts but you can also outsource an entire, dedicated and managed team. In this article we’re going to go over this solution and whether it’s the right option for your company.

In-House Team VS. Outsourced Team

First let’s discuss what are the biggest differences between having a team outsourced from an outside service provide and an in-house team. Having your own team that works at your company’s location has many benefits. Mainly the control you have over the team. Because when they’re working directly at your office and you are in charge of the management, you simply have more insight into everyone’s daily tasks etc. However, this is a double-edged sword. Having control means being entirely responsible. Any mishaps in management, task privatization, recruiting developers or design, quality assurance mistakes etc. all fall onto your shoulders. Which is not the case when you’re outsourcing a team. Your contract will ensure that the service provider is responsible for delivering quality products, leaving you to focus on core business operations.

Hiring VS. Outsourcing

Another big difference between having an in-house team and outsourcing a team is who will be responsible for the recruitment and onboarding process as well as all the employment formalities and costs. Some people think that outsourcing is not worth it because it’s more expensive than hiring a team yourself. However, outsourcing is usually more cost-effective than that. Companies who offer outsourcing services have a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to recruitment. They will also usually have employees on stand-by, meaning you can access them quicker.

If you choose to do this yourself you will find that finding talent, especially in the IT industry, is not an easy or a quick task. The entire process can take several months, eat away at your resources and delay your projects. And even then it’s not over. You will still need someone at your company who will manage the employees’ benefits, contracts etc. You also have to provide those people with training and onboarding before they will become a fully-functional part of your company. This will take up a lot of our internal resources and keep your management and operations staff occupied.

Access To Specific Skills, Expertise And Technologies

The next big benefit that makes outsourcing worth it for many companies is that those services give you access to skills, expertise and technologies outside of your area. It’s not a secret that sometimes it’s very hard to find skilled developers or designers specializing in whatever you specifically need. And that’s when an outsourcing partner can be really helpful. Outsourcing businesses have access to more staff from more than one market, and by working with them you gain that access as well.

Outsourcing An Entire Team – When Is It Worth It?

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to outsource an entire product development team. Many businesses only hire experts specializing in a specific technology. And this decision will depend on your short and long term strategy. Some businesses use outsourcing because their internal staff is already involved in other projects and doesn’t have the capacity to take on anything else. If that’s the case – outsourcing specific staff is the best solution. But some companies don’t have any technical staff on board, they don’t have any tools or infrastructure to support this kind of a team on their own. And that’s when outsourcing an entire, dedicated and managed team will be best.

Teaming up with an outsourcing service provider will give you the knowledge and expertise you wouldn’t otherwise have had inside your company. You will also avoid taking care of the infrastructure, tools, software, hardware etc. So basically you will get a complete package.

Scaling Up Your Business

Many businesses outsource to scale up their business quicker and more effectively. When it comes to scaling there’s no other solution that’s as effective as outsourcing. Even though some use outsourced staff for a single project only, it is a great way to scale up your business in the long-term. An it’s a really cost-effective and safe method of scaling, because you can always scale up and down depending on your company’s situation. This gives you the ability to solely focus on growth and delivering excellent solutions for your users instead of obsessing over resources, infrastructure, technical teams etc. A strategy like this, where you hire a skilled partner to take over a certain element of your business related to technology and only pay them for the solutions they implemented will optimize your costs, free up your in-house team and enable your business to grow quicker.

Software Development With An Outsourced Team

The next big point when it comes to working with an outsourced team is that those services are usually delivered with a 360 approach to software projects and a dedicated, managed outsourced team will only be focused on your business. This will give you enormous support, especially if a technology project is not something your business is used to. For example, let’s say you’re an eCommerce brand. In this case the technical solutions your business uses are critical to its core operations but most likely you don’t have an entire technology department at your service because there’s other things you put more focus on like production or logistics. That’s when support from a dedicated, managed project team can be very helpful. You can create the solutions your business needs without committing to the costs that come with supporting and maintaining an internal technical department.

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