Kanaste / Developing a Cutting-Edge eCommerce Solution for Wellness Brand

Pioneering Premium CBD Products in Poland

Kanaste, a leading brand in Poland’s burgeoning CBD oil market, has made significant strides in redefining the use of CBD oils for health benefits. Known for its premium CBD-based products, Kanaste has successfully addressed issues like stress, pain, and insomnia while ensuring clarity of mind for its users.


Client’s business objectives

Educational Marketing and Market Positioning

Educate the potential customers about the benefits of CBD.

Developing an Optimized eCommerce Platform

Build a user-friendly, robust online store to streamline the customer journey from education to purchase.

Brand Identity and Visual Communication

Establish a strong visual identity that reflects the premium quality of Kanaste’s products.

Customer Retention and Loyalty Programs

Increase customer loyalty and retention rates through engaging programs and incentives.

Client’s Needs and Business Goals

Faced with a rapidly growing yet relatively young CBD market, Kanaste faced unique challenges. The industry’s negative connotations were slowly fading, but there was still a need to educate potential customers about the benefits of CBD. Moreover, Kanaste needed an effective platform to showcase their products as premium solutions, thereby increasing their market presence and conversion rates.

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The core challenge for Kanaste was developing a robust and user-friendly eCommerce solution that could effectively showcase and sell their CBD products. The platform needed to navigate the nuances of the CBD market, educating users while providing an intuitive shopping experience. The existing market presented a chaotic and overwhelming online shopping experience, with users often facing confusion in product selection and a cumbersome checkout process. The need was to create an eCommerce platform that was not only seamlessly integrated with Kanaste’s existing systems but also capable of handling real-time calculations and transactions, providing a streamlined and error-free user journey.


Solution: Strategic Approach

A comprehensive strategy was developed through workshops with Kanaste’s team and extensive market research. This collaborative approach helped understand customer needs and craft a strategy that would resonate with the target audience. The focus was on creating a new visual identity that conveyed the high quality and elite status of Kanaste’s products.

Technology Stack

For the website, WordPress and WooCommerce were chosen for their robustness and popularity in the eCommerce sector. These platforms provided the flexibility and scalability needed for an effective online presence.


The design and development team at INVO used their expertise to navigate the complexities of the CBD market. They developed a user-centric design that addressed the users’ ailments and provided a seamless journey from learning about the products to making a purchase. The architecture of the eCommerce site was meticulously planned to address potential customer concerns and questions, leading to an increase in conversions


Outcome / Summary

The launch of the new website marked a significant milestone in Kanaste’s business journey. The strategic design and technology implementation led to an enhanced user experience, reflected in increased conversion rates and customer retention. The introduction of a membership/subscription plan and a bonus program further solidified customer loyalty.

This case study highlights how Kanaste, with the help of INVO, transformed its online presence to not only meet the demands of a challenging market but also set a new standard in the CBD industry. By focusing on customer needs, leveraging technology, and employing strategic marketing, Kanaste has positioned itself as a leader in the Polish CBD market, ready to expand its reach and influence in the years to come.


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