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Retention Through
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Let the CBD oils solve your miscellaneous health issues - Our cooperation with Kanaste, the leading CBD industry brand in Poland

Kanaste is leading CBD oils brand in Poland, that prides itself on delivering premium CBD-based products. Their proven-positive-effects oils alleviate stress, pain, and can also help with insomnia - all while maintaining a clear mind.

Even though the CBD market is quite young, it is growing rapidly. The negative connotation attached to the industry is slowly dissolving, increasing customers’ awearness of the positive CBD effects, especially on the well-being of the mind and body.

The sales of CBD products in Europe in 2019, reached an astonishing 405 million USD. According to evaluations by the Brightfield Group at the end of 2020 the value of the European CBD market was worth 359 million USD and it is predicted to grow to 3.1 billion USD by 2025, and 36 billion USD by 2027!

Kanaste is simply what the polish market necessitate and their products perfectly meet customers’ needs. However, to keep growing at such a high pace, their brand required an impressive website that would present their products as a premium solution to user problems.

Scope of work and
its order

This project required a fully comprehensive approach - it was preceded by workshops with Kanaste’s associates and extensive market research to better understand user’s needs in their specific industry. Basing on that our teams were able to work out joinly a whole new strategy, intended to ensure future product success. After establishing the visual identification, our design team proceeded to bring the fruit of conception works into its lucid graphical representation. Finally, being provided with all the designs, our development was ready for coding and, in the next step, optimising it to maximise its efficiency.













with INVO

Strategy 2 month

Goals, KPIs, Scoping

Discovery 1 month

Business analysis
User journeys

Definition 9 month

UX Design
UI Design
Usability Testing

Core goals to achieve

Improving website’s
User Experience and implementing the new visual identyfication

Improved user-oriented approach and facilitated user journey helped the brand not only to gather new clients, but also maximize the conversion rate in case of current ones.

Building up stronger retention by
introducing subscriptions

Subscription system has increased the user involvement, established strong, long-lasting vendor-buyer relationship, that resulted in higher retention rate.

Technological improvements, also in case of the website’s efficiency and performance

As different researches prove, slowness and unintuitivity are the most common reasons for abandoning the shopping cart, that’s why our team worked out not only the visual but also technological part of the website.

Maintaining the
leading market
position with the website’s help

If you’re a leader you just must to provide the market with novelties and the highest service standards - new website developed by INVO without no doubt was a key to maintain Kanaste’s market position.

Business Goals & Objectives

Kanaste reached out to our team at INVO seeking the expert advice on how to present their product in the best possible light, while keeping in mind their growth goals. Before ideating solutions that would be implemented, INVO held a series of workshops for Kanaste. These workshops helped both parties fully understand Kanaste’s needs and specify their business strategy.

After the workshops both teams were able to jointly set the goals for the project. First of all, for Kanaste it was crucial to introduce a whole new visual identification, that’d from the first sight make a clear impression of high quality and elitism of their product. Obviously all the changes done on the website should have led to increasing the conversion. It was possible thanks to retention building mechanisms among current and new customers, that were encouraged and motivated to make more purchases being the active brand subscribers.

With the strategy prepared, INVO could focus on building the website’s architecture which was planned out to:

Clearly inform users about the product

Allow users to explore products quickly, in a fun, interactive, and pleasant way

Increase retention

Increase conversion rates

INVO was, among others, responsible for the entire project’s design, including motion design animations, as well as business consulting in regards to eCommerce industry specifics. Our team has also implemented all the game-changing solutions that would help achieve all the business goals. As for the website’s technology, Kanaste’s team has decided on using WordPress and WooCommerce, which was a great choice, as these two are very popular, proven eCommerce solutions.

UX Design

Over 100h spend on workshops, research and benchmarking

Website Architecture and Design Strategy

With the CBD market being fairly young and often considered controversial, it was (and still is) very important for Kanaste to not have their CBD oil’s first visual impression connect directly to the plant - this is where the INVO’s expertise and know-how was used. We’ve had some creative ideas and successfully presented the product as a premium solution for users’ different issues.

Our general approach in this project was oriented towards users and their problems, with which Kanaste’s flague product could help. Insomnia, pain, stress, anxiety - we claim that such a different ailments require distingt solutions. That’s why each user journey was desinged to lead not only to the shopping cart in order to finilise the purchase, but also and foremost, to give the specific user an impression of being on their way to unravel their disorder.

The most demanding part of conception work was to underline that CBD oils as, in fact made of cannabinoids, are still maintaining its user’s mind clear, not intoxicating it at any level. After number of brainstorms in our design team, finally we’ve worked out a way to portray Kanaste and their CBD-based products as reliable product, avoiding to arouse controversy about the marijuana.

Another key principle that we kept in mind during whole process, was to dispel any concerns that may come up to users, regarding the product. The architecture of the eCommerce was mapped out to cover any potential questions or concerns the user could have. The following questions were put:

How do I take the product and what dosage will be an optimum for me?

What if the product doesn’t work?

What’s the product’s taste?

Are there any side effects?

What is CBD used for and what results may I expect?

What are the benefits of CBD?

We mapped out the architecture in a way that allowed the user’s questions to be answered one by one, and this, in turn, had significantly increased the conversion.

Clear design sells better

Especially in case of design nothing couldn’t be a coincidence. Naturally, the website’s center was dedicated to the little CBD oil glass bottle - a product manufactured by Kanaste. The overall vibe of the website was meant to captivate its visitors, providing a feeling of wellness and well-being. This was achieved by applying a pastel colour scheme, with lots of yellows and whites, that are commonly considered to be calming down and putting into a good mood. This sunny, vibrant motive was paired with precisely chosen, complementary fonts and graphics.

An element of psychology in the form of large pictures was introduced. The photographs presented on the website are large macro images - a great trick to use when developing a marketplace. The close-ups of peoples’ faces build trust, which is just what Kanaste was going for - inspiring confidence and increasing customer loyalty. Kanaste and our design team wanted the users to see themselves on the website, to relate to the portrayed individual and ultimately make a purchase.

Our INVO team advised on having the product and its available configurations be visible at first glance on the website to accelerate Kanaste’s growth. We’ve designed the customer’s journey to facilitate the purchase process by containing as few steps as possible. Therefore, upon entering the website users can easily add a product to their cart and place the order in three clicks. This solution is especially vital in the new user acquisition purposes.

Throughout the whole checkout process users are ultimately funnelled into signing up and logging in to the website. It was made super easy with Google authentication or, if users decide not to log in with Google, the number of necessary fields to fill has been limited to the bare minimum.

Checkout strategy was based on decreasing the number of steps to eliminate the need of adding ‘purchase as guest’ as an option. INVO advised that it would be smart to have every purchase need a logged-in user. This would allow Kanaste to keep better track of their purchases as well as grow their users’ email base.

How A Simple Quiz Can Facilitate The Buyer’s Journey And Increase Sales

While brainstorming potential user questions to include in the website's architecture, we kept circling back to what first-time users would be unsure of, so we’ve created a quiz. This quiz aimed to guide first-time users onto the appropriate product concentration, dosage and suggest a product flavour based on order statistics.

How to retain the customer? - Best Practices

INVO introduced subscriptions to increase customer retention which, compared to customer acquisition, was more important for Kanaste. First of all, INVO advised Kanaste to implement a membership/subscription plan. This plan would allow users to take advantage of benefits and include them in the Kanaste community to start the subscription.

The most performing solution proved to be a bonus program that additionally encourages customers to purchase as an active subscriber, getting magnificent discounts in return. By the occasion, it was a great opportunity to build a trust in the relationship between Kanaste and user, ensuring very clear, fair subscription cancellation process. At the same time, it comes without saying no brand wants to lose its users, so retention-supporting mechanism were introduced. Resigning subscriber was then asked to define the cause of their decision, answering the following questions:

  • Are you sure you want to cancel your subscription? You will lose all your subscriber benefits.
  • Why do you want to cancel your subscription?
  • What are the chances that you’ll recommend Kanaste to a friend?
  • Do you have any additional comments regarding your experience with Kanaste?

Once the user went through all these questions, is provided with disposable discount, to give one more chance to rethink their decision and ultimately stay with Kanaste.

Website Launch

While developing Kanaste’s website, and throughout the whole design process, INVO introduced some game-changing implementations. Elements such as the product quiz, are available at first glance, upon entering the website. The ordering process had been planned and designed to be as condensed as possible while, on the other hand, the subscription cancellation process has been elongated. Users need to fill out a lengthy questionnaire, which first off - helps Kanaste receive opinions, and understand their users' demands to cater exactly to the product and specificity clients request if they cannot find anything they need in the current product offer. Because the website went live just recently, we are in contact with Kanaste, eagerly awaiting feedback in regards to the website helping them complete their business goals. Stay tuned - we will be updating you on Kanaste’s growth shortly.

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