Every digital product has two sides to it – the one users can’t see, so the backend, the logic and code behind the product, and the side which users can see, the frontend and the design. Besides the actual product there’s also your marketing, branding and content. All of those should be cohesive and convey the same message and feeling. Illustrations are a great way to achieve that and much more. So, why are illustrations so important and how they can help you with your business?

Communicate easier and better

Communication is extremely important in every aspect of our lives. When it comes to business it’s no different. And many people have some issues with communicating what they mean and there’s always a risk of misunderstandings as well. Here’s where illustrations can help. Communicating something using visuals is much easier to understand to people and is way more effortless than actually reading information. People love images (just think of memes). The illustration also evokes more emotions than simple text, so when you use them, you will be creating a bond with your audience and a connection with your brand – all the good stuff to help your business grow.

Improve your content

Here’s the thing – you may have the best content, the longest, most comprehensive guides, but if they’re just long blocks of text, people are going to just scroll through and leave. Illustrations can help elevate your content by grabbing attention and luring people in. Looking at an image gives the brain a quick break. And don’t forget about all the benefits mentioned above – you can also make people connect with your digital product more through including illustrations in your content.

Build your brand identity

Your brand identity is how your users perceive your business and your product. Behind every company there’s a unique story and a vision, and that’s exactly what you should share with the world. Again, instead of using chunks of text to do that, use beautiful custom illustrations to make people associate you with the values you want them to. Your brand identity is a powerful tool to attract exactly the kind of users you are looking for. How you present yourself should be consistent across all communication channels and should always be well thought out. And that’s what it’s all about.

Show you care

Custom illustrations are something that many would consider an “extra”. They take some time to make, they cost money and for some people are not worth it, so they use stock images instead. Just think about how people react to that. A stock image or illustration just makes it seem like you do not care, while that may not be true at all. Creating custom illustrations and putting in the work, not only does benefit you in all the ways I already mentioned, but also shows that you care and are willing to put effort into your business. And that is a sign that you did put in the work in your digital product too.

Make complex concepts simple

Here’s the thing – not many people understand how software works and some concepts, not only tech-related, are just really hard to explain. Illustrations and visuals in general are something that can help. By illustrating a metaphor or visualizing a certain concept you will make it easier to understand and appreciate. For example, infographics are a really great way to reach people and make them understand your message. Take a look at the below infographic we created:

This is an infographic for Progressive Web Apps to show the best features of this solution.

Progressive Web Apps are a somewhat complex concept and many people do not understand how something in their browser can work offline and send push notifications. And that’s why they are hesitant to use them. So, to make it easier to understand, we made an infographic to show off all the benefits of PWAs as well as existing examples of frequently used PWAs to make people aware that they are probably using them already. Use custom illustrations to make people understand what you have to say, even if it’s actual rocket science.

Attract attention (in a very good way)

Especially when it comes to marketing on social media channels, it’s really hard to reach users and grab their attention, because when we scroll through Facebook or Instagram we are constantly bombarded with news, information, images and other stuff. Illustrations, when done right, can really help catch the user’s attention, even though they might be bored already from endless scrolling. If you show up on their feed with a great illustration that conveys your vision it is very likely you’re going to grab attention and interest. You need to deliver great, unique, vivid images that will stay in the user’s mind. And custom illustrations is exactly how you can achieve that.

So, to sum it up, custom illustrations can help you build and strengthen your brand identity, raise brand awareness and overall, improve how you communicate with your audience. If you would like to start working on your business growth – contact us and one of our designer will help you work out your custom illustrations vision!