When it comes to building a digital product, it’s important to choose the right partner. After all, the way its built, its performance and the user experience it provides, directly impacts your company’s success. But how to ensure you found the right software development company to build your digital product?

1. Research Multiple Vendors

To make an educated choice, you first need to be aware of all the options available. One of the best resources to find software development agencies is Clutch or Behance. Depending on what is your primary focus (development or design) you can go with the former or the latter. After a quick search you should have several options. What’s important when researching agencies is looking at their case studies, tech stack and team’s experience. See who they worked with, in which markets, do they specialize in some technologies? Always try and analyze an agency with your specific needs in mind. It will make it easier for you to make the initial selection of vendors who fit in well with what you’re looking for.

2. Always Look For Case Studies

The more detailed, the better. If a company doesn’t have at least few comprehensive case studies, it should be an immediate warning. Sometimes, companies can’t share their work due to NDAs, so ask for them to send it to you via email. When looking at case studies, focus on the ones related to your industry or the ones that stand out to you style-wise. Try and find information about the process, the team’s composition, challenges during the project. You can also write down a list of questions about the case studies that the team should clarify during a call.

3. Be Prepared

When looking for a software development company, you need to be prepared. Sit down with your team and work out your objectives. What is the project’s goal? Are there any time and budget restrictions? Do you have any additional research you’ve done that you can share? Are there any prototypes, wireframes or screens done? Have you thought about technologies? All those things will help your possible partners draw up an offer for you quicker. Additionally, the more information you provide, the quicker you can start the project. It will make the communication much easier and eliminates the risk of misunderstandings at the very beginning of the project.

4. Compare Different Offers

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. In fact, it rarely does when it comes to software development. It’s important to get multiple quotes from different companies so that you will be able to compare them. Always ask why something is so cheap or so expensive. Developers’ salaries are very high, so if the estimate is low, there’s a chance the quality of software will be poor. However, if the price is extremely over the top, it’s important to ask why and determine whether it’s worth paying for from your perspective. Also, compare the pricing models. Some companies work with a fixed-price model and other prefer the time & material one. When it comes to software, it’s always better to go with the time & material (unless you’re working on something really small and simple), because it allows for a great level of flexibility.

5. Ask About The Team

When working with a company, you work with their employees. And especially when it comes to building products, the team can make or break the deal. So always ask about the team. Who will be on it? What experiences each member has? Have they worked together previously? Are they business-oriented and have a growth mindset? Try and find a team who will take ownership of their work and come up with creative solutions to connect business with users’ needs.

6. Learn About The Process

Before you start working with any company, you need to learn about their processes. Ask questions about how they work, what are the development phases, which communication tools they use etc. It’s also very important to ask about whether they do market and target audience research. If a software development company doesn’t do that, your chances of success are much lower. Be sure to know how the settlement looks, are there any reports and how will you be updated about the progress. Additionally, ask about your and your team’s involvement in the project and what should be your input. It’s always best to be included and actively take part in creating your product so that you can ensure it’s done according to your vision.

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