Building a mobile app is a long process. But it doesn’t end once the app is launched. Scaling mobile applications is not an easy task and you need to constantly work on growing your business in order for your mobile app to succeed. Here’s the best tips for scaling your mobile app.

Optimize Your Application Store Presence

After launching your mobile app, you need to work on building your customer base. Users are not likely to just find your app on the app stores. Considering there’s millions of mobile apps on App Store and Google Play, you will need to work hard on your creatives and optimize your app store presence. You need to put a strong focus on the screenshots from your app and the description of its features. This is what the users see first, before deciding to download your app, so you need to use those pictures and descriptions the best you can.

Increase Your Organic Reach

Organic visibility is one of the best ways to achieve success at a large scale. However, this strategy is time-consuming so you should start positioning yourself before the mobile app development process is complete. Work on building a large content base that’s SEO optimized to get the best results. You can also try to write guest posts for reputable sources that relate to your mobile app. This will take some time to take effect, however, considering the long-term, organic traffic tends to be the best quality traffic that leads to significant growth.

Use Influencers

The next great thing you can do to scale up your mobile app is to use one of the greatest tools available – influencers. First, you need to identify specific influencers that relate to your business. Look for people who operate on a similar market that could reach your target audience. What’s important is that you need to build relationships with those influencers before you pitch them your product. Before you start working with them, they need to be sure of the quality of your product and experience it themselves. Then, ask them to feature your product on the platform they operate on (eg. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube). Many companies report that influencer marketing has proven to be a very effective growth strategy that has the potential to bring in a lot of new users to your mobile app.

Focus On Your Product

Even the most expensive marketing can’t save a bad product. That’s why it’s so important to focus on mobile app development and create something users will love. If you mobile app has issues, bugs, poor customer support or inferior features and design – your chances at success are low. Users demand great mobile apps, so that should be your number one priority. Conduct constant research, gather and use user feedback, implement different tools to analyze your product’s performance. All this will make your product better, and in turn, more desirable on the market. Besides the design and usability of your app, you also should to focus on its performance. This means excellent mobile back end and front end. Hiring expert app developers is crucial for your mobile app success. When introducing new features you can’t push them out hastily. This leads to issues and a decrease in quality. Your tech infrastructure should be made for scaling and be ready for increased demand.

Gather Feedback & Provide Support

Sometimes, the greatest feature ideas come directly from the users. Make use of the people who use your mobile app and ask them what could you and your developers improve. Using their feedback is one of the smartest ways to make your app better. Think of your users as a powerful tool that will get you closer to a superior product. What is equally crucial during mobile app development is ensuring your app has proper support tools and services so that the user is able to request help. Sometimes, the thing that can make you different from other apps on the market is the quality of your User Experience and the customer support you provide on your platform. Make it as easy as it can be for users to get help and guidance.

User Experience

Speaking of User Experience, the feeling people have when using your mobile app for the first time is usually what they will remember. So, if you’re looking for growth and want to scale up your mobile application, you should to put a strong focus developing a superior experience for your user. To get to know more tips on UX techniques take a look at this eBook. It’s crucial to tailor the experience to a specific platform a person uses. To create a smooth experience, you have to model your app after different platform’s design systems. For example, if you want to scale up with an Android and iOS app, those two will have to be different. Android apps have different navigation infrastructure as well as different buttons. Things like the layout will also have to be adjusted to a specific platform by your developers. If you’re using a cross-platform framework for your app development, there will only be a few adjustments in the code required. However, if you prefer using native languages to code your app, your developers will require more time to complete the mobile app development.

Scaling Mobile Applications Takes Time

Every new application out on the market, even the ones released by big companies, will take some time until it gets popular and wide-spread. However, you might be able to promote your app well using the right tools and ensuring you have a tight business model to back up your efforts. If you want to work with an expert team and get to know more tips on how you could quickly scale up your new mobile application – check out our services and let’s get your project started!