When it comes to design, it’s always changing. 2020 has been a wild ride for the entire world and there’s a lot that’s changed. The world has boosted its digital transformation in a very short amount of time and it has impacted how designers approach social media creatives, brands’ identification and digital products. What are some of the top design trends our team noticed in 2020?

1. Monochrome Designs

In 2019, we loved using very few colors. In 2020, we’re going full monochrome. You can see a lot of same color variations in all different kinds of designs. Some add only a bit of monochrome on their pictures or hovers, and others use this design trend for all of their campaigns. We love it because it’s a simple way to make your design look clean and put together without the risk of it being cluttered.

Top 5 Design Trends For 2020 - Monochrome Designs

2. Fun Typography

Another thing that’s expected to really take off in 2020 is typography. We can see designers having more fun with it and trying to create more creative compositions using different fonts. It’s a really easy way to quickly create something fun and interesting without the need to illustrate or add pictures.

Top 5 Design Trends For 2020 - Fun Typography

3. Masking

Although masking is not a new thing, we can see how masking images and text has grown since the beginning of 2020. More and more designs use this tool to add movement and dynamic to their designs. We love this trend because it’s something we have already used in the past and think it’s a great way to emphasize certain messages within the design.

Top 5 Design Trends For 2020 - Masking

4. Line Designs

This design trend has been around a long time. But now it’s gotten a new life. Line designs are everywhere and have gotten updated with stunning animations. They are simple but effective and provide a very clean, fresh look. They don’t take away the focus from the functionality of the product but still have great visual value.

Top 5 Design Trends For 2020 - Line Designs

5. Simplified Illustrations

Simplified illustrations is something you can see even on our blog. Because they don’t have a ton of details, the illustrators can focus on the message behind the illustration and its meaning. It’s one of those design trends we loved right away. Our team of illustrators always has to capture elusive concepts with our blog illustrations, so using simple forms has really helped us do that.

Top 5 Design Trends For 2020 - Simplified Illustration

Which trend is your favorite? If you’re looking for a team of design experts who can work with you to design a beautiful digital product – contact us and let’s get your project started!

Image source: Behance