Abel Sensors is the Netherlandic IoT company delivering smart wireless sensors to different markets since 2009. They have already supported a number of companies in the agricultural industry, providing them with efficiency-increasing solutions that support controlling and managing the crops. To reduce pollution and improve logistics processes, they’ve found the Smart Waste monitoring sensors, applied in many European cities. Finally, the Smart Parking sensor delivered by Abel Sensors is widely used, among others, to monitor the availability of parking places and the time of their occupancy.

A couple of weeks ago, INVO has started to work on their next project – a mobile app for Smart Bicycles Parking, that enables cyclists to leave their bikes in a secured parking place. It only takes the user a few clicks to purchase the subscription, scan the QR code and start a safe parking session!

INVO’s engagement was to work out the app conception, provide both, UX and UI design and finally develop the app using the cross-platform Flutter framework.

The project is still ongoing and the additional functionalities are still being developed. However, we’re happy to share with you the first fruits of our talented team’s work!

Let us know in the comments if you’re excited to park your bicycle with the Smart Parking app too!