Verdilab - Case Study

Changing The Skincare
Industry Through
World-Class UX

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Changing The Skincare Industry Through World-Class UX

Verdilab is the first brand under VRFD, a new house of brands from Switzerland. Created by Victoria Neymann, Verdilab offers science-based, premium and natural skincare products that have scientifically-proven results. Victoria’s scientific background and vast experience in the beauty industry are a strong selling point for the brand and their products. The products are also formulated to be vegan, cruelty-free and without any harmful or sensitising ingredients like parabens, alcohol etc. The brand’s outlook on skincare and, more specifically, clean skincare is different from other companies on the market. Verdilab focuses on educating consumers and is transparent about their formulations and production processes. In this regard, the brand is truly unique - it combines nature and clean ingredients with clinically-proven results and years of scientific research.

Project’s Scope

Our team helped Verdilab with each step of the web development
process, from start to finish.













with INVO

Strategy 2 month

Goals, KPIs, Scoping

Discovery 1 month

Business analysis
User journeys

Definition 9 month

UX Design
UI Design
Usability Testing

INVO’s core values that
lead each project

Transparency, Trust, and Constructive Communication

All of the above are important when it comes to our relationship with our clients and how we treat our team members. Communication is key in recognizing and finding solutions to problems.

Experiment, Fail and Learn (from your mistakes)

Only those who don’t try make no mistakes. We believe in testing and constantly improving. After all, that’s what the agile software development process is all about - iterating and perfecting your product.

Take Ownership of
the Project

We’re all in and want to be a fully-engaged part of your team. That’s why we will come up with solutions, ideas, and improvements and we’ll always be excited and on board with your project.

People are the

We believe that everything we do starts and ends with people. The end-user, our Client, and the happiness of our team are what we focus on during each project.

Client’s Goals And Objectives

Verdilab contacted INVO after their previous contractor didn’t meet their needs and expectations. They needed a complex eCommerce solution that would convey their brand’s message and provide a seamless experience for the users. The solution also needed to include a custom ingredient library, to educate Verdilab’s customers, as well as a skin test which would help the users find the perfect skincare routine based on their skin type, skin concerns and more.

With the strategy prepared, INVO could focus on building the website’s architecture which was planned out to:

Developing a web application

Improve their order management system

New sales funnel and increase retention

Solving other business-related problems


Our team designed and developed over 50 web pages.

Project took 1000h to develop

Understanding The Brand

As with all projects we began with extensive research and workshops with our client. Our goal was to understand the brand in-depth and get into the mindset of their target audience. We conducted desk research as well as quantitative research using a questionnaire that asked the target group questions about their habits, perspective on certain beauty industry trends as well as their needs.

Based on the results from this research we started creating low fidelity wireframes of the website, starting with the homepage. Each page of the website was specifically designed and placed to answer specific user objectives and guide them to discover Verdilab as a brand. We created the architecture to guide the user through their questions and possible concerns and to immerse them in the brand.

Simultaneously, we started working on the style guide and the visual identification for the brand, as the work of the previous contractor wasn’t sufficient and didn’t fully capture the feel of the brand. Our designers came together to create multiple moodboards and concept projects, each with different features, that were the starting point for creating Verdilab’s visual identification. When working on the visual identification we faced the issue of how to merge the two different worlds - clean beauty and clinical skincare. Each one provokes different feelings in the customers and we needed to combine them to convey the mission of Verdilab. Our design team did that through combining clean, yet warm colours with bold images. We also used a more feminine secondary font to grab the users’ attention.

When working with Verdilab we were highly reliant on multiple statuses a week, as the work was very creative and we needed to involve Verdilab’s team in the process to achieve the best results. During our calls we used brainstorms and discussions to shape out the visual identification as well as the overall wireframe of the website. The entire INVO team was constantly in contact with Verdilab’s team so that we could best understand the brand’s vision and bring them to life.

A High-End eCommerce Experience

After we’ve completed the wireframes and had settled on a visual identification and style guide, our team was ready to move on to UI design. Similarly to the previous phases of the project, during UI design we also closely cooperated with the client’s team during weekly calls and worked through each screen individually to ensure that they met Verdilab’s needs. What was very important to our team during this process is how engaged the client’s team was and how their ideas shaped the project’s final version. We always work very closely with our clients, but this project was particularly complicated due to the complexity of the beauty industry and the input from the brand’s owners was invaluable.

INVO’s designers came up with the idea to turn the Verdilab eCommerce website into a high-end, boutique-like shopping experience. The products are premium and as of right now, the entire product line consists of 14 products between 5 different product lines. Each line has specific features and ingredients that make it stand out and we wanted to embrace that with the design.

We designed the eCommerce website in an unconventional way that showcased each product line as well as its features on the Shop All page. To maintain functionality we also included filters that enable the user to tailor their search to their specific needs - be that skin concerns or product types they are currently looking for. Besides showcasing the products, the Shop All page also educates the user and brings them into the world of Verdilab skincare - we included elements with information about key ingredients of the product lines as well as skincare tips and an invitation to complete the skincare quiz.


Our development team got to work before the final UI designs were done, because of a pressing deadline on this project that was tied to the client’s marketing plans. They started coding the basic structure of the site and components to save time later, which turned out to be a great solution.

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