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Choose the competencies you need and onboard them within days.

Specific Experts


Our experts can support your team in the entire process of ideating, validating and designing your product from scratch.

UI Design

Our UI Designers have experience in many different industries and will work with your team to create a state-of-the-art product that your users will love.

UX Design

Validating and testing your product is crucial when it comes to achieving success and gaining competitive advantage on the market. Our specialists can help you perform usability testing and suggest improvements.


Our Illustrators can bring new value to your brand’s identity with their impeccable illustrations which will help establish your visual identification online and offline.


Whether you’re looking for a simple landing page to help you boost your conversions or want to build a complex web application you can outsource the right experts from INVO!

Angular & PWA

AngularJS and Progressive Web Apps are a statement in our tech stack. We have a lot of developers in stand-by who can join your project ASAP.


This open source JS library is a great choice when you want to create an outstanding single-page application and don’t want to waste time on traditional HTML.

PHP Laravel

With this framework, building web applications has become easier and quicker but it’s also very easy to scale because the documentation and code clarity is excellent.


This technology is very flexible and can be used in many different projects. It’s most prominent feature is how easy it is to use and how great it performs.


Our team is experienced with various different mobile technologies and we can help you choose not only the right specialists but also the best tech stack for your project.


Google’s SDK for developing apps with excellent interfaces. If your app has an elaborate UI - Flutter might be the best way to go. It’s also made for cross-platform development.


If you’re looking for a rather simple application that’s easy to scale and maintain then using the Ionic framework to develop it might be the best way to go.

iOS Development

Besides hybrid applications, our team can also build dedicated native apps for the iOS platform. This is a great choice if you’re looking for an outstanding User Experience.

Android Development

If you feel like a native app might be more useful to your users, developing it natively for Android will give you much more control over the app’s performance and look.


Our team of experts is always there when you need advice or help when researching, ideating or validating your product, target audience or market.

Product Design Sprint

If you’re working on a specific issue or a specific feature, our team can guide you through a 5-days-long Product Design Sprint to ideate, prototype and test possible solutions.

Scoping Sessions

Using special methods and techniques our team can help you define your business objectives and work out the next steps for your company and product that align with the market’s needs.

UX Review

If you’re facing issues with your product, try out UX Review. Our specialists will conduct a series of tests, analyze the results and provide you with meaningful recommendations for improvements.

Code Review

Each Developer has a unique coding style and sometimes it can become a problem. Our team can help you review the code of your product and improve it to be more scalable and manageable.


INVO offers outsourcing of specialists in various different areas of software development - from research, through design and project management to development.

Scale Your Team
With Our Experts


We create our Frontend with the users’ needs in mind to ensure smooth and fast performance. Our team can create both simple websites and landing pages as well as complex web applications for startups and big corporations.

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Angular
  • PWA
  • React.JS
  • Vue.JS


Front-end Developer

  • + Java Script
  • + Type Script
  • + Angular
  • + React

What Our
Clients Say

“I don’t think they have any areas of weakness. I really enjoyed working with them.”

Jan Zygmuntowski -
Board Chairman, Instrat Foundation

“I appreciate having access to every member of the team.”

Monika Smulewicz -
CEO, HR na szpilkach

“It’s clear that they care about our idea, our project, and our company.”

Sławomir Czajkowski -
CEO, Surfer

“I liked talking directly to my designer and developer, who were both extremely helpful.”

Rajen Shrestha -
Operations Manager, SalesGenomics

“It’s great to work with a partner that introduces you to new solutions and possibilities.”

Dariusz Dolczewski -
COO, C_school

“These guys were not only doing the job, but they were creative and very transparent.”

Paweł Łubiarz -
CEO, MyLuggage

We’re Connectis’ partner
specializing in complete
software development &
new technologies.

We’re Connectis’ partner
specializing in complete
software development &
new technologies.

Connectis is the biggest IT outsourcing company in Poland. As a Connectis partner we have access to over 550 of their developers as well as their know-how and experience which means we can handle virtually any project - no matter how big or complex.

3 years

of partnership


projects together

10 days

to start project

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Our technology
experts on YouTube

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In the Marketplace Masterclass series you will learn all about creating a marketplace business model, designing and developing a marketplace as well as scaling and marketing it from our CEO.

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In this series, our VP of Partnerships is going to cover all the essential information about outsourcing your project to an external partner (like INVO), and key things you need to be aware of when you scale up your team this way.

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