What we focus on during the process is to deliver a quality product made just for you.

We run Quality Assurance tests and review the code along the whole process to deliver the best quality product. We also make sure that the product’s performance is impeccable in terms of speed and scalability so that the launch will go smoothly.

We want to provide you with a product that meets all your needs and expectations so our process strongly focuses on communication and flexibility. Learn more about our process by clicking below.



We make sure the final product you get is the highest quality.

In order to eliminate any possible mistakes we ensure each line of code is checked by another developer from our team (Peer Code Review). Before you get the final product any potential issues are eliminated during Quality Assurance testing when we carefully verify all the functionalities.

Any potential issues are eliminated as we carefully verify all the functionalities before you get the product during the QA testing.

All work done on each specific feature of your product is documented using feature branches as well as pull requests so nothing will get overlooked.



We believe that transparency and communication are essential for building quality software.

When you begin working with us we will create a special chat room on Slack dedicated just for your project. You will be able to contact everyone on your project’s team there and discuss your project along the way.

We will also provide you with weekly reports of your project’s progress to give you deeper insight into the process. You will have full access into our project management system (Jira) as well!



We are sure that providing continuity is just another sign of quality code.

The Peer Code Review ensures there are always a few members of our team familiar with your project and can take over if such a need occurs.

Transitioning your project to another team (whether it would be an in-house or an outsourced one) will be easy and seamless due to the high quality of our code.



We understand the value of your time so we work as fast as we can.

We use the agile methodology in our work process and this is what allows us to deliver you working software very quickly. Every week we can present you with new working features of your product as we base our work on weekly iterations.

Our goal is to deliver the product to you as quickly as possible while at the same time providing the high quality of it.



Trust is crucial when it comes to successful projects.

We value confidentiality and we would be happy to sign NDAs if needed. Also, our collaborations start with a one-month trial period during which you can withdraw without prior notice if you are dissatisfied with the relationship in any way.

The code we create belongs to you. Our contract guarantees you are the owner of the IP.



We will not leave you alone with any technological issues.

In case of an emergency you can always rely on us to help you whether it is about the code, servers or domains.

To provide more security, we design backup systems at the application level, which will support you if you need it!

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