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Our experienced team uses cutting-edge
technologies to build excellent Frontend experiences.


The INVO team has multiple experts on board specializing in technologies like Angular, React.JS, Vue.JS as well as JavaScript, CSS and classic HTML. We create our Frontend with the users’ needs in mind to ensure smooth and fast performance. Our team can create both simple websites and landing pages as well as complex web applications for startups and big corporations.

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To ensure your web product is always
answering the users’ needs, we use the
newest technologies and follow the
latest trends in development.

Hybrid Architecture

In 2020, Jamstack has gained substantial popularity. And it continues to rise in 2021 as well. We might see hybrid, semi-static websites become more and more popular, because of that. Developers will integrate Jamstack with other technologies like JavaScript, crating half-static websites.

Motion Design

Web Animations API and CSS animations offer lots of possibilities. They can entirely transform a website or a web application without compromising the speed and performance of the website. It’s important to integrate animations into the overall design, because just adding them for the sake of it might negatively impact the User Experience (UX).

Alternatives To JavaScript

JavaScript is a long-time staple in the web development world. And while it’s still very popular among web developers, there’s some alternatives gaining traction in the community. One example is Blazor which enables developers to build browser-based applications using C# and transpiles that code to WebAssembly which is now supported by all major browsers like Chrome, Safari etc.


In 2020, several governments updated their privacy policies and requirements when it comes to cookies and tracking. Apple also introduced major privacy changes in iOS 14. So among frontend trends for the upcoming year we can expect most web applications and websites to be updating their privacy rules and regulations to better protect their users’ data.


Accessibility issues are nothing new, however very few websites and web apps consider them and their design is not inclusive. This looks like it’s about to change in the next few years. Designers and developer are going to be expected to consider different accessibility issues and create appropriate frontend solutions.

Schema Markup

Schema allows developers to semantically mark up specific pieces of content or specific sites to add details about it. It’s not only a web development and frontend trend but also a trend among SEO specialists and marketers. So even if developers don’t seem to push this forward, marketing executives definitely will.


Bootstrap has significantly decreased in popularity during the last two years. Developers now prefer to use CSS-in-JS solutions like Emotion and Theme UI which are easier and more pleasant to use. This enables them to not only build the frontend in JavaScript with frameworks like Angular and React but to also manage the stylings using JavaScript.

Lighthouse Tests

Lighthouse is a web page test created by Google. It has very significant insights when it comes to SEO and SERP positioning as well as metrics on the website’s or web app’s performance. Developers need to implement this tool in their daily work and ensure Lighthouse tests are a standard part of their web development process.


Based on your needs, we can support you in end-to-end product
development by composing a cross-functional team or
seamlessly extend your in-house team of engineers in no time.

Dedicated Product Team

INVO offers complete product teams managed by experienced Project Managers. Based on your requirements and objectives we will choose the best team for your project and take care of the entire delivery process as well as launch and maintenance of your app.

Team Augmentation

If you already have an in-house team, we can help you by offering experienced mobile developers suited perfectly to the specific needs of your project. Based on your requirements we will provide you with several specialists to choose from that we can onboard into your project seamlessly.

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We wanted the design to be fun and truly out-of-this-world. We have created characters and build the visual identification from the start. This app is currently being developed, but it’s previous version is up and running right now!

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Filttr is a mobile app created with recruiters and candidates in mind. It was designed to change how people operate on the job market and help to fill in the deficit of IT specialists.

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In order to fully understand your vision, validate your business model and analyze your target audience, one of our UX Designers will design and conduct a workshop with you and your team, during which you will use various UX techniques and methods.


Get an offer

After we’ve gathered most of your requirements and got an understanding of the scope, we will prepare an offer for you which contains a timetable as well as a cost estimate.


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