Flutter is one of the top technologies right now. It’s a great choice for both iOS and Android apps as well as other operating systems because it’s a cross-platform technology that enables you to build apps for multiple platforms with a single codebase. Making apps with Flutter is also very easy and fun for developers, even those who just started learning Dart. Without further ado, let’s jump into some of the best apps made with Flutter.

Flutter: Overview

We’ve previously covered the pros and cons of Flutter on our blog but here’s a quick overview if you haven’t read that article.

  • Flutter was acquired by Google and is now developed by this tech giant. It’s an open source SDK that uses Dart language for programming.
  • It’s a cross-platform mobile app development framework to quickly and efficiently build excellent mobile apps focused on performance and user experience.
  • Some of its best features include Hot Reload (which enables developers to view changes they’ve made in the app in real time) and the Flutter App Builder (a feature added by Google after acquiring Flutter that enables developers to build mobile apps the same way you build Lego).
  • Since the Flutter framework came out it has gained significant popularity around the world and became serious competition for other cross-platform frameworks like React Native. More and more developers are using Flutter and it was one of the most trending technologies on social media last year.
  • It’s very easy to learn, even if you’ve never used Dart before (some of our developers learn to use Flutter and Dart in just two weeks!).

Why Companies Build With Flutter?

There’s several reasons why many companies, including Google, decide to use Flutter for their mobile apps. First of all, building native apps (a separate app for iOS and Android as well as for other platforms) is generally more expensive and time-consuming. In the contrary to other frameworks like React Native, using Flutter is very easy and the apps themselves are very popular among users. The performance is excellent and it’s very simple to design a user experience that people love. Flutter has lots of great features that make it the perfect choice forAndroid and iOS apps like widgets and Hot Reload. That’s why it’s such a popular choice among developers and companies alike.

The Best Apps Built With Flutter

There’s a lot of apps made with Flutter on the market (including some of our projects). But in this article we will focus on the very best apps built with Flutter for iOS and Android as well as other platforms. Let’s dive right into some of the most popular apps made with Flutter:

Google Ads

Anyone who uses social media should be familiar with Google Ads. You might have not used the app personally, but the algorithm surely recommended an ad for you here and there. Google developed their mobile Google Ads app with Flutter. The app is a perfect example of an app built using Flutter. As the technology’s owner, Google leveraged a lot of Flutter’s potential and created a very useful tool for marketers. The Google Ads app enables users to get real-time alerts, track campaigns, manage their ads and get insights on their mobile device. There is, of course, a web version of the Google Ads app, but a mobile one helps a lot those on-the-go users. What you will notice about the Google Ads app is its great design. Google used their very own material design system for Android as well as the classic components of iOS to make the mobile app more native-like. To sum up, the Google Ads mobile app is great both when it comes to the design and the performance and is one of the flagship apps featured by Flutter on their website.


If you’re big into eCommerce, you will know Alibaba. It’s one of the world’s biggest eCommerce websites and they decided to build their mobile app using Flutter. Alibaba chose Flutter as their technology because of its excellent design and development features as well as how easy it is to use for developers. Alibaba needed a technology that offers great performance as well, because Alibaba is used by thousand of users everyday. They need to handle big transactions across multiple different platforms in real-time, so the Flutter framework was a great choice. If the Alibaba team chose React Native instead, they might have faced some performance issues with the amount of users they get.

Hamilton Musical

Hamilton decided to create their very own app using Flutter framework to bring Broadway musical lovers closer to the biggest events. The Flutter app helps users get access to news, videos, tour schedules as well as purchase Broadway musical merchandise. In the mobile app users can also take part in new Hamilton lotteries and contests and be the first to know about new events. Hamilton chose Flutter instead of going with native apps for Android and iOS separately to develop the app quicker for multiple platforms. The Hamilton app also offers advanced features like their Karaoke feature which lets users sing along to their favorite songs in the app. By making their app using Flutter, Hamilton has created an excellent experience for their users and makes it really easy to keep up with the music world.


We have written about the Reflectly app in some of our previous articles. The app has won several design awards and has blown up on social media. Reflectly is one of the most popular apps built with Flutter and it’s loved by users all around the world. This mindfulness app is know for it’s beautiful look, easy navigation and detailed features. Reflectly is like a personal journal and assistant in one. The project was meant to help users manage their mental health better from the comfort of their own mobile device. So, the Reflectly app offers an AI-powered journal that asks you daily questions and provides insights about your stress levels, habits and thought patterns. Reflectly was one of the first apps made with Flutter to become so popular. The Reflectly team chose to develop the app using Flutter because of Flutter’s excellent integration with Machine Learning as well as NLP technology that the app uses. The app works wonderfully on Android and iOS alike and has wowed a lot of users with its features.

Coach Yourself

Coach yourself is a meditation, health and fitness app that helps users with their personal development. Its features included meditation sessions and insights widgets that help users track their progress. Flutter is a perfect choice for mobile apps like this because of its native-like performance and feel. It’s also very easy to create complex features in Flutter using widgets that makes it quicker for developers to work with this Framework.


The next app built using Flutter is Hookle. This is an app that helps users manage their social media profiles . Most of us use more than one platform which might make it hard to use and manage all the different apps. That’s why apps like this exist. Hookle contains features like post scheduling and profile statistics. The Hookle app is especially great for users that professionally manage social accounts and need to stay up-to-date at all times.

Best Apps Made With Flutter

This list does not include every app built using Flutter ever and was not made in any particular order. There’s many more Flutter apps out there that surely serve their users excellently. These are just our top picks. If you’re looking for a company that can build your Flutter app – contact us and let’s get your project started!