Software is the manual for your products performance. It collects and processes all the data that goes through it in the specific scope. Thanks to it, your business management gets easier and more effective – if the application is made right, it can work wonders for your company! Not only do you run your customers database more valuably, but you are able to track your clients’ actions and, therefore, know exactly what they are looking for. That automatically builds knowledge on what are the best solutions for getting higher sales. If you are a startup, it may be a certainty of success for you. So whoever is in charge of your application holds the future of your business. It is smart to know who will be on your software development team!

The Foundation – Management

Managers are the  people keeping everything in place. They build structures and help to maintain them in order to fulfill business needs. The work plan is in their hands and so is the overall outcome of the project.

  • Operations Manager

Operations Manager’s basic goal is to help the company deliver perfect production by looking out for it’s process. They engage in creating required structures of the organization, meaning controlling recruitment and assigning people to various teams. Their job is to supervise departaments in terms of things such as: communication between them, training teams and individuals – keeping an eye on improvement in the software development team. Reporting to senior management about performance of different departament’s employees, making sure the objectives of the organizations are met and the quality of the product is the highest is another thing they do. They are also planning future tactics of the organization, which depend upon things like their essential knowledge of technology and the expectations of the industry and manage the budget.

  • Functional Manager

Functional Managers are set to take care of a certain unit. They work with people of precise set of skills within’ a departament, to confirm they are achieving goals of the company, as well as providing training leading to it. Because they know both the weaknesses and the strong points of all the team members, they recommend people for project’s tasks. They are also reporting on how well the tasks are being carried out and watching the progress of the project closely.

  • Project Manager

A Project Manager embraces your project and puts it on the start line. They are writing a project plan, meaning scheduling, choosing tactics, optimizing risks, choosing a team – you can read all about that in this post. As well as encouraging the team to do their best to keep the processing of the project going.

Software Builders

The software development team creating your product has many experts contributing to its success. From technical to visual side, everybody wants to meet your expectations.

  • Solution Architect

Solution Architect is the person explaining the technical side of the software after hearing client’s expectations. They make a base for the developers to work on.

  • Developers

Developers depend on the Solution Architect to understand how the software is supposed to perform. They realize it and are the ones that gives it an existing form.

  • UX Designers

User Experience Designer (UX) makes sure the functionality of the product is right and appropriate for your vision. They research the needs of your target audience and market to maximize effectiveness of your product and care for it’s integrity.

  • UI Designers

User Interface Designer (UI) provides the product to be pleasant and easy to view in order to keep your client interested and never have a client resign from your services because they can’t find what they are looking for. This designer chooses graphics, composition and designs the main theme.

The Analysis

Along with software development team members already mentioned there are other experts gathering information to make your product best.

  • Analysts

Analysts confirm that all the infomations that you have conveyed was understood by the team and that all the requirements will be fulfilled. They analize creation of the product to see if the expectations are met.

  • QA Managers and Testers

QA Manager delivers information about what should the product be like, a test script is then made to see if the product’s system fits all the requirements.
Testers are simulated users of your product that check its usability and quality. They give feedback on the product as if they were a consumer, which helps figure out the impression it will leave on your future costumers.

Your Representative

In the company there is a Client Manager whose objective is your satisfaction. They will keep you updated on the project and establish a relationship between you and the team. This person will answer all the questions you might have about the services of the firm. They should know all the details. Caring for meeting company’s goals for sales and revenue, they are the perfect negotiator.

Is Your Team a Good Team?

You are putting all your hopes in the team to make the product great. To ensure that the right people are in charge of your project, get to know the team. When you are meeting them, you should prepare a couple of questions that will conclude if you have been heard and some more personal on how each member set their mind on the project. Not only the team, but ask yourself as well – what is it that you want to achieve with this project, it will make it clearer for the team what steps they should be taking in the process to meet your expectations. Say exactly what you need and do not be afraid to discuss things you are not sure about. Team wants to realize your vision as best as they can. If you want to know more about how to prepare for the first meeting with your team – what questions to ask yourself before it happens, what questions you will be asked during the meeting and so on – we recommend reading our eBook on the topic!

Good Team – Good Product

Whether or not your product turns out how you imagined it, depends on how skilled your software development team is. Trust your team and their solutions, they have many pleased clients on their account and know what the market needs. Engage yourself in the project as much as you can, you are the key member to the team, that dictates what the product should be. Communicate with the team with clarity and give lots of precise feedback. Good team equals a good product, made with care, experience and knowledge.